I have a customer who flys in to Vancouver just to have Properly made cup JOE !

Why cant the powers to be make coffee maker that properly boils cold water immediately so the water still boiling habit quickly release the hot water on your just freshly ground 100% ARABICA MELITTA coffee beans. I have spent 47 years trying all that the world has to offer when it comes to coffee beans. Myself i cant find a better coffee bean medium Roast I only want to find a coffee maker that delivers Boiling Hot Hot water on my just ground coffee beans it's amazing I could just get a coffee maker to repeat that process I'd be the happiest Canadian on the West Coast Canada Ea !

I dont work for any coffee bean companies I mean we dropped the name because it is a really does make good cup of coffees that way try it take the freshest water you can find boil it Porygon those just freshly ground coffee beans can you tell me Dallas best cup of coffee you ever had I have searched high and low for coffee maker that can repeat the same processes that I've been doing but honestly none of them boil water hot enough his daughter boil and then it's got a release of boiling water as fast as you can all right tell me it isn't the best damn couple top you ain't ever had doing it this way.

We Canadians we have a pallet like none other than thanks to our most amazing beer just ask any American who's coming to Canada about our beer are you even had an American Beer Drinker connoisseur who lived in the bayou she told me that you could drink me under the table and needs day of the week I understand drinking somebody under the table is something that should never be attempted if you are not familiar with Canadian beer he was 450 lb built like a brick $&#£ house one Rather Large Proud to Be AMARICAN he was so adamant he could pull this off I said you come to Canada and I'll meet you in Toronto I'll take you up on your drinking me under the table see what he didn't realize this little drinking me under the table contest he was so adamant that he could do this and win i just had to humble this Rather Huge Man. He has never been to canada and well i did give him Lots of Oppertunity's to back out because I told him of i agree to him drinking me under the table I was allowed to pick the Brand of Canadian Beer. See what he did not know is Canadians have XXX BEER THAT IS 8 % PROOF might as well be doing shots of white Lightning Well he said he could do this and win in 4 case of beer. I have Never seen a man who stood 7 feet tall look at me then the cases beer have that ooooo ship look on his face needless to say i humbled him Rather fast and this was iver in less then 18 cans Beer it was done in good faith truly was. I did win this event and made sure he got safely back to motel room 2 days later he Was able to sit up in bed come down have breakfast he was not happy he lost but in the end i made good friend who comes to Canada now just to pull this off on his friends .

Well that's my Crazy story how to make friends in from theusa

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