I've made some coconut yoghurt from powdered coconut milk, tapioca flour, maple syrup and a spoonful of store-bought yoghurt. The mixture (apart from the old yoghurt) was simmered for a while, and the utensils had boiling water run over them from the kettle - except, come to think of it, the spoon used for the old yoghurt.

I left it for 24h in an incubator. It has a good consistency, but it has a pinkish patch and some yellow on top. The pink patch has a slight stringyness to it. I removed that part and gave it a stir and now it looks great, but I'm suspicious of it.

photo of discoloured coconut yoghurt in bowl

Has it spoiled?

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    I'm not making this an answer because I know nothing about trying to make lactobaccillus grow in coconut milk, but this website which seems to use largely the same recipe/method you describe, specifically says 'If the yogurt develops a pink or grey discoloration on its surface, that means it has been contaminated with bad bacteria. Throw it away and do not eat it!'.
    – Spagirl
    Jan 14 '19 at 16:24

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