The last time I cooked the chicken, it had a strong chicken smell. I know that the chicken was not bad because I was fine after eating it. Also, I defrosted it for 24 hours and immediately cooked it.

I'm not sure whether the flesh smell comes because of the marinade (something we need to add),

or the way it is cooked (like don't air fryer it, or don't use 200 Celsius for cooking, or keep the gas grill on low),

or do we need to wash chicken after defrosting it (WHO recommends not washing chicken to avoid the water splashing around, and I guess store bought chicken might be pre-washed, but not sure whether we need to wash it to remove the water that gets accumulated after defrosting it),

or is it to do with adding more oil while cooking,

or is it that I must be careful to discard all marinade that's left over in the bowl rather than use them to coat the chicken one last time?

I'm totally at my wit's end about to get rid of the chicken smell.


You should try a South Indian way to remove the raw smell of the flesh and this method applies for any flesh. After deforesting the chicken wash it and marinade it with some haldi (turmeric Powder) leave aside for 5-10 minutesand then start the actual marination

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