Why is it every time I bake butter cookies they never seem to rise that well? Even when following recipes from credited sources, they never seem to plump well.

  • Do you have a picture? – moscafj Jan 26 at 1:00
  • 1
    A cookie that doesn't rise could be from the wrong flour (example: using all-purpose instead of self-rising), or old ingredients (baking powder that sat on the shelf too long), or a oven that isn't reaching the proper temperature. Can you give us more information to go on? – elbrant Jan 27 at 3:51
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    Are they supposed to rise? For example, if you are baking shortbread cookies, or petits beurres, they should not be rising at all. Maybe you can give us a picture of what you want, and link recipes you have followed, to see if you have just chosen the wrong recipes due to a terminology mixup. – rumtscho Jan 28 at 9:05

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