I tried cooking frozen fries in my gotham steel skillet. I had the temperature at low/medium, put the fries in the cool pan and began heating them. The fries stuck to the pan, leaving a residue on the pan that will not come off. I have tried using a nylon scrubbie to scrape the residue off but to no avail. The pan now has brown stains on it. Food I have cooked in it since then, sticks but washes off fairly easy.

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    Hi Karolyn! I'm not quite sure what your question is. Your title says "cooking frozen french fries" but your body seems to be asking how to clean the pan. Are you looking for help with how to cook them properly in the future or how to get the residue off? – Catija Feb 7 at 23:48
  • Catija is right, there are multiple things which can be asked here, and each of the ones I see now is on topic, but you would have to tell us what exactly you want to know. – rumtscho Feb 8 at 11:26

To cook french fries you shoul put a lot of deep fat fryer in your pan and heat it. Only after it boils you can put fries there.

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