I came across this in the context of low-carb chicken pie filling, in other words without a flour/roux base. Is there a name for a sauce that starts with low & slow-cooked onions?

Asking for a friend ... really ;-)


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  • Are there ingredients in it? (Sounds tasty, but all that comes to mind is French onion soup!) – Erica Feb 11 at 12:54
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    This was: soubise + white wine from chicken reduction + stock + spinach + shredded poached chicken thighs. In a pie. – mrblewog Feb 11 at 13:55
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    Hmmm . . .The small amount of flour to make a roux to thicken a sauce will be nothing in comparison to the amount of flour in the pastry of a pie. Wouldn't it be better to replace the pastry? What about using sliced aubergine(egg plant), courgettes(zucchini), mushrooms . . . ? – Billy Kerr Feb 11 at 23:26

A soubise is a classic french onion-based sauce. Really it is just slow cooked onions with a bechamel added. Of course, bechamel has flour in it to thicken. However, I have seen recipes where the bechamel is replaced with heavy cream. For example, here, onion, cream, and vadouvan spice are blended together to make a flour-free soubise. It would make a terrific pot pie filling!

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