This recipe for poppy seed rolls calls for 1 large yeast. How much yeast am I supposed to use? I usually see recipes measure it in teaspoons, but I can’t guess how much “large” is. I am also assuming this is active dry yeast, maybe it’s not and that’s the reason why the size is weird.


This is short for “1 large cake of yeast.” According to this investigation, cakes of yeast traditionally came in two sizes:

  • Small, around 3/5 of an ounce
  • Large, around 2 ounces

This similar recipe gives the substitution “1 large yeast or 3 envelopes dry yeast.”’

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  • I got around to making this over the weekend and the amount of yeast listed here for substitution worked out great! – BinaryTox1n Mar 4 '19 at 22:37

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