The premisse An autoclave that I own is originally intended to sterilize and pressure can food at 6 bar (which is higher than common pressure canners). The autoclave looks like a pressure canner, has a permanent wire-rack at the bottom and an opening at the top which is about half the diameter of the cylinder. I want to cook food in the autoclave, like stocks or caramelized onions, at full pressure (6 bar). The autoclave is not intended to cook food directly in it. Instead, the recommended method is to cook the food in jars in the autoclave, as if canning them. I find this inconvenient. I would like to fill the to be cooked food in something like a large food safe silicon bag which is idealy as large as the autoclave (60 L) or very close, and cook the food in the bag in the autoclave.

1st question Would this work?

2nd question Is this safe?

3rd question (most important one) From where can I obtain such a large food safe silicon bag? What I saw online was rather small, up to 10 L only. I am looking for 60 L.

Thank your very much for your help, I searched all internets and beyond.

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