I recently returned home from a month long trip to find that I had accidentally left a hard anodized aluminum pot in my fridge full of leftover pasta. After removing the rotting food I tried washing the pot multiple times with soap and water however, there is a really bad smell that will not come off of it. What is the safest way to clean and disinfect this cookware without permanently damaging it? Would it be best to simply throw out the cookware and replace it?

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    Why would you throw it away? Just scrape the food into the garbage and clean it using soap and water like you would anything else. – GdD Mar 11 at 9:04
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    Did the properties of the pot change somehow? Does it have a different color or visible damage? Why do you assume that normal washing is not sufficient in this case? – Elmy Mar 11 at 12:11
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    Sorry I left some details out of my original post. There is a really bad smell on the pot that will not come out with washing with soap and water. Other than this there is no noticeable issues such as discoloration or damage. – martinsarif Mar 11 at 15:26
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    If you see pits ,corrosion may have penetrated the anodizing . Then you would always have the pits that will hold debris . If no pits ,boil some water in it and pour it out , maybe repeat. – blacksmith37 Mar 11 at 20:42
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    Possibly try boiling with something acidic - perhaps vinegar, which will strip the aluminium back to a shiny layer, which will then oxidize back to the impermeable oxide. It will remove the anodyzed layer though. – bob1 Mar 12 at 1:13

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