I just stumbled on the site while searching for an answer. I'm hoping one of you can provide an answer.

I bought a brand new pan that is factory seasoned and I didn't strip it off.

I used vegetable oil and it came out uneven, sticky spots, and does not have the wonderful non-stick surface I would like. I tried it about 2 more times and same result. I've since picked at it, scraped bits off, noticed what looked brownish/blackish, washed it, cooked bacon in it, scrubbed it with a steelo (stainless steel scrubber). Honestly can't tell if it's rust. It's brand new with factory season. I'm lost.

I'm about to try flaxseed oil. Can I can put this different oil/seasonings right over my current seasonings or do I have to strip it all off with chemicals and start all over?



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