After rendering chicken skin, a lot of the fat is released and you're left over with crispy pieces of chicken skin.

What is the remaining crispy skin composed of? Protein, fat, or both?

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Fried chicken skin (gribenes), what's left of the skin after you render off the fat (schmaltz), gets its crispiness from the skin's protein. However, there is still a lot of fat coating and within the skin. When you crunch into it, there is still a "juicy" mouthfeel of telltale greasiness. The protein provides structure, but carries plenty of fat with it.

Similar phenomenon can be observed with chicharróns and pork rinds (fried pig skin).


Chicken skin is mainly... skin cells?

The epidermis – the outermost tissue itself consisting of three separate layers of cells.

The dermis or corium – the middle tissue.

The hypodermis – the innermost layer or tissue.

So I'd say protein.

Source: http://www.poultryhub.org/physiology/body-systems/integumentary-surface-of-the-bird/

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