I prepare natural flavoured sugar syrups, I add glucose (10% of sugar quantity) to covert this sugar into invert sugar so that the syrup doesn’t crystallise. However the shelf life is too short, 2-4 weeks and I see bacteria developing. How to increase the shelf life without using chemical compounds? If I need to add anything as preservative I have decided to add only natural things. Can anyone suggest how to increase the shelf life without changing the taste?

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    How do you "see bacteria growing?" – moscafj Mar 24 at 21:29
  • Do you refrigerate your syrups, or store at room temperature? – Erica Mar 24 at 21:39
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    If you see bacteria then it's been unsafe for a lot longer. – GdD Mar 25 at 13:41

Here is how you can extend its life.

Pour the syrup into a freezer bag.

The syrup can last in the freezer for as long as a year.

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