I am trying to prepare some dried orange peel for a Mexican chocolate bread recipe. From what I've read, the first step is cutting thin strips of outer peel off an orange without getting any pith. I lack the dexterity to yield a paring knife so I used a vegetable grater. Most of the pieces contain some pith:

slices of orange peel in a glass bowl

Is the amount of pith shown negligible, or should I use scissors to snip off and keep the portions without it? Is there a better way to get pith-free orange peels? Can I substitute dried zest? (I have a zester that gets peel without pith.)

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Try gently scraping with a spoon or non-serrated knife, if you want to remove more pith. However, that looks pretty good to me. Your recipe for drying has you finely chopping the peel. So, I would say that zest would be just fine as well.

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