I have tried whole wheat flour, using more fat, using more liquid, but not getting good texture - usually just a weaker pancake. I'm trying to get a thin pancake with texture that is hearty,somewhat porous and tender.

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    What's a "artisan bread type structure" ? – Max Mar 25 at 20:11
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    Have you considered making injera? It's tender, spongy and hearty. Not the easiest thing to make, though. Sourdough pancakes might be an alternative, or even a yeast-based pancake – Joe Mar 25 at 22:37

I think you cannot have both thin and bread-like structure.

AFAIK, To have a bread-like structure the batter/dough needs to develop some gluten in it.

Usually pancakes do not have a bread texture, they are, erm, a pan cake.

The batter is just mixed, and most recipes say to not over mix the batter.

You can try buckwheat, it has a rustic quality to it that can be seen as "bread-like".

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