I would like input from anyone that uses cumin in their food. I inherited a jar of the seasoning when my mom moved out of state. Better to give it away than throw it away. Unfortunately, I have no clue what to do with it. I've had this jar for a while. And I'd like to use it before it goes bad.

I was wondering what it's used for?

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Cumin is the spice that, to me, makes taco meat taste like taco meat. Whenever I make ground beef tacos I use lots of it. It also tastes really good with sautéed potatoes.


Any number of different cuisines have cumin as a base spice. Anything from Tex/Mex to Arabian to Indian. It's also used in plenty of Italian and Chinese dishes, just not quite as much.

  • wow, i've learned the secret to a childhood favorite. and now my mind is blown with new ideas. i appreciate your comments. thank you. – DJ Robinson Apr 13 at 8:56

It's also incredibly good in Mujadara, a Middle Eastern dish of lentils and rice. I'm assuming it's whole cumin, though, that you'll grind yourself; if it's preground, it may well have already lost its flavor.

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