Okay first let me thank you ahead of time for trying to help.
Cheffing for 30+ years and now I'm at wit's end to solve the problem.

We are making fish and chips using rice bran oil. (And before you can say it's the temperature that's causing the oily batter, it's not as we tested at length: 180c going up in 10c increments to 210c, we even tried going down in temperature).

We do the 2 tank system where we initially put the fish in one to seal and finish in the second.

We have tried low starch flours and high, we have tried low gluten flours and high, egg whites, different levels of baking powder and baking soda, different beer batters. I must have tried over 70 batter recipes.

Now I know there has to be some oil, I get that, I'm just to reduce it some.

We drain the fish after the fry.

Now our chips is the puzzling part. There almost no oil on them when eating them.

We dry the fish down before flouring them in rice four.

So has anybody have an idea to try?

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    I've tried to tidy up some of the formatting, but this still remains very much stream of consciousness & quite difficult to follow. I'm not certain what your actual problem is. – Tetsujin Apr 14 at 16:53
  • Do the chips do the 2 tank system too? Same tanks as the fish? – Willk Apr 15 at 1:01
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    Can you specify the problem? Is the batter oily? Is the fish not crispy after frying? What, exactly, is the problem you are tying to solve? What exists now...what is your goal? Is the fish the issue...or is it the chips? – moscafj Apr 15 at 1:43
  • The chips are perfect no oil at all basically, the fish is the problem its light crispy but when picked up it has retained too much oil. We have tried it at different drain times up to ten minutes still the problem exists. The fish and the chips operate in different tanks so no crossing.I know i going to get some oil just trying to find the ingredient or method to reduce it say 30-50 % – Tippy Apr 15 at 18:24

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