After school I wanted a potato. So I got one of those plastic wrapped jumbo potatoes from Kroger. I only heated it for about 2 and a half min until I decided I didnt want it until later. I then immediately put it in the fridge. Now, I reheated it in the same wrapper for 10 minutes and ate it. However, I'm now reading that I couldve ingested very dangerous toxins and am having a breakdown about it. How at risk am I for botulism?


Your problem is not so much the potato, which doesn't really need refrigeration, but what might have been put into it by the store. Any butter would probably be fake :-), but what else might have been in there? Sour cream?

Also, what you should really worry about is the amount of plastic you ingested by heating up the poor potato still wrapped in plastic, and twice.. That'll kill you more reliably than any hypothetical botulism, although slower, especially since you don't seem to be in need of emergency services.

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