So long story short I am attempting to make some chocolate covered strawberries for my wife for mother's day tomorrow. I found some easy recipes that I want to try, including one that say you can just melt the chips in the microwave, like this. After only two rounds of 30 seconds the batch I put in microwave was starting to burn, granted I did only use a smaller amount to test it and avoid ruining my whole pack of pieces...

Due to this I started looking for make shift double boiler ideas I can use and I found one that mentions using a pot with a metal bowl on top. So like this I will be able to stir everything the entire time and it sounds promising but the only bowls we have are like these with rubber bottoms...

Can I use these bowls for my make shift double boilder? If this is not safe or advisable is there any other tips you guys have that could help out a noob cook trying to be sweet?!

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Well, I think I found something this morning after starting to scour the internet again for an answer. I don't know if it applies to all bowls, but this link applies to my bowl at least. In the bottom left of the second page it straight up addresses using the bowl as a double boiler! Not sure how I never found this yesterday... Mission accomplished.

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