I put two cups of beans to soak overnight. The morning after, I realized there were dead weevils floating in the water.

Should I eat the beans after cleaning them or is it better to just throw them away?

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Per Alan Munn, Quora, and Iowa State, grain weevils are medically harmless and carry no human diseases.

That said, most people find the thought of eating weevil larvae in their beans disgusting, and beans are pretty cheap to replace. So unless you're on a ship or a camping trip, just throw them out and start over.

If necessary, you can use the 1-hour hydration method for your beans to cook them today.

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    In short, you can, but why would you if you have alternative options.
    – Stephie
    Commented Jun 4, 2019 at 19:27

In a word NO

You have no idea if they carried disease or other contaminants in, toss the lot.

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    Is there any evidence that they do carry diseases that humans might be affected by?
    – Alan Munn
    Commented Jun 3, 2019 at 21:00
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    See e.g. this quora answer quora.com/… from a Public Health Entomologist.
    – Alan Munn
    Commented Jun 3, 2019 at 21:28
  • @AlanMunn Yes. I’ve read the same quora answer and now I’m in doubt. I need evidence to support Steve Chambers’ answer on this topic.
    – franpen
    Commented Jun 3, 2019 at 22:43
  • Well you could eat them and get sick. Not being flippant but really is your health potentially worth the few bucks you spent on a few beans to find out? Besides just: ICK! Bugs in the food (unless you INTEND to cook bugs) is just nasty Commented Jun 3, 2019 at 23:59
  • Weevils are not disease carriers. They're unappealing, but harmless. Or everyone on a ship in the 18th century would have died.
    – FuzzyChef
    Commented Jun 4, 2019 at 4:04

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