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How to improve my Lemon Pepper Tuna? [duplicate]

I am a tuna fan. I usually pour it from a tin onto a sandwich without cooking it. Yet there is one kind of tuna that is a problem for me: tinned "lemon pepper" tuna. I don't mind a bit of pepper kick. ...
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How do I "cool" down very spicy tortilla soup? [duplicate]

Thought the recipe asked for a full can of chipolte peppers, of course it was only one. was able to remove most but is still to spicy for company.
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How do I reduce the heat in my white bean chicken chile

How do I tone down the heat in a white bean chicken chile with corn that is made from the Omaha Steak side meal kit?
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Reduce spiciness of chili [duplicate]

I eye-balled the chili and cayenne powder in my chili and have made it painful to eat. What should I use to counteract this? I tried adding pasta sauce and cheese to a small serving, but it wasn't ...
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too many hot chilli peppers in my Italian Beef!

I put way too many hot chilli peppers in my Italian Beef! What can I do to tame it down?
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Does chilli get milder with cooking?

I have made a tomato, onion and cannelini bean curry. I put a lot of chilli spice in it, perhaps too much. If I keep simmering it, will it get milder? I'm hoping it will cook into the (bland) beans....
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Medium sauces versus Mild! [duplicate]

I can never remember which is hot. NOw i have a medium enchilada sauce in my recipe and need to cool the heat way down... help! How do I make my meal so that my child will be able to eat it. She does ...
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Are "non-fat" condiments as effective as full-fat versions at reducing spiciness?

Nice creamy condiments are known to reduce the effect of spicy foods, such as sour cream on Tex-Mex food. I have a pretty low tolerance for spiciness, so I often need to put a glop or two of sour ...
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Oops! Too much hot pepper. Now what? [duplicate]

In my home, we're not very fond of capsaicin, and I put too much crushed red pepper (the dry spice, bloomed) into a vegetable soup[1]. What can I do to remedy the soup? (Obviously, I can cook another ...
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Reducing spice in sauce [duplicate]

How do you make already prepared sauce less spicy? I must have used too many hot chili peppers or cooked them too long. Is there something to off set it from being so hot? The sauce is for General Tso'...
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Salty Chili and too spicy [closed]

I cooked chili with lime/chili pepper seasonings. It's too salty and too spicy. How do I fix it? The seasonings were packaged by Whole Foods, called Tequila Lime Seasonings
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Removing spiciness from a dish [duplicate]

Is there a rule of thumb for removing spiciness from a dish, caused by things like jalepenos, cayenne pepper, black pepper, red pepper, szechuan peppercorn, etc? I have read that honey and sugar may ...
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How to reduce the heat from peppers in my tomato soup?

I just made tomato soup with two cans of tomatoes with jalapeno peppers in it. The soup has turned out to be too spicy. How can I reduce the spicy (heat) level of the soup?
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Will roasting ginger root give it a milder flavor?

I just had a thought - garlic is very strongly flavoured, but turns nice and mild when roasted. Can the same be done with ginger root? I can't find any recipes with a cursory search of google. Is ...
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