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first time season a wok - did I mess up? [duplicate]

So I bought my first wok, I was trying to season it at my parents house because I have electric stove at home. I guess I messed up it, for some reason it took longer than I expected (like 1.5 hours). ...
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What's the best way to season a cast iron skillet?

I just purchased a new cast iron skillet. What's the best way to season it? And if I need to re-season an old pan, is the process any different?
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How do I fix improperly seasoned cast iron pans?

I'm quite new to cooking as a whole. A few months back I bought a set of VonShef cast iron pans. When seasoning them, I unfortunately made two errors. First, in my naïveté, I used vegetable oil as ...
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Is it safe to start using seasoned cast iron grill/griddle after 7 years?

A friend's been sick and had not been using his cast iron grill/griddle for approximately 8 years. He decided to give them to me. The grill/griddle was seasoned (with oil) 8 years ago, but the oil on ...
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How did rust appear on my cast iron in a matter of minutes?

So this has been an on-going saga the last few days, and I've already posted several related questions here, and I am feeling quite defeated. I have/had a beautiful 16" cast iron dutch oven from ...
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Is it still possible to make cast iron skillets as good as the old ones?

You always hear people talk about old cast iron vs. new cast iron: the old stuff is lighter, smoother, and generally better, while the new stuff is heavy, pebbled, and generally a poor imitation of ...
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Are these grates okay to cook on?

I'm having trouble with some enamel-coated cast iron grill grates. I've only had this grill for a few years, I don't live on the beach (salt), we don't get much rain, and I store it outside but keep ...
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How to remove commercial seasoning from skillet?

We bought a new skillet that was "pre-seasoned" a few years ago...but haven't really used it once yet because that seasoning is basically some black gunk that comes off into the food that's cooked in ...
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Why are standard cast iron maintenance practices compatible with food safety?

How on earth is not washing a cast iron with soap not harmful? Since even if you wash it good with hot water and Salt, wouldn't there still be a possibility of harmful bacteria and such left in the ...
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Yellow color from brand new Pre-Seasoned Lodge Cast Iron griddle (before seasoning or even heating). Is this normal?

I received my Lodge 10.5 inch pre-seasoned cast iron griddle today (and I'm very new to the world of Cast Iron). I washed it with water and soap and used the soft side of the sponge and on second wash ...
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What do I need to clean off before I season this cast iron? [duplicate]

Here's my cast iron frying pan. I had seasoned it before but wasn't sure if I'd got it right so I figured I'd start again. I'm not clear on what state it needs to be in before I do that. I sanded a ...
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How to clean a cast iron skillet that was used for an ash tray for about 30 years?

I have an older skillet that Was used for an ash tray for about 30-40 years and I can't get it to stop turning cleaning water light rusty color. Any ideas?
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How do you clean and season a cast iron pot? [duplicate]

Unlike a cast iron skillet I'm having a much harder time keeping a pot clean and rust free. I use it mostly for roasts on occasionally some stews, any tips or difference in care between the two?
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The cast iron pan changed color after machine-dishwashing

My cast iron pan is new, clearly black, like deeply black. In the instructions, it is mentioned that it can be put in a dishwasher (not recommended, but it could be). The first time putting it in the ...
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Scale build up on outside of cast iron skillet

I have an old used cast iron skillet that is good on the inside but it has build up lumps on the outside. How do I get that off?
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