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Sprouting Potatoes in Fridge? Safe to eat? [duplicate]

Have a bag of potatoes about maybe 3 weeks old. Still firmish, not green but with little small sprouts (maybe barely 1 cm) VERY small. Are these ok to eat? I trimmed off the sprouts and the inside ...
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Are my patially green and budded potatoes safe to eat? [duplicate]

I got some potatoes. Some are partially budded, some are partially green. Are they safe to eat?
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Do I have to peel red potatoes before baking them?

I recently made some potato wedges in the oven. I shared this recipe with my relative, who admonished me for not properly peeling the red potatoes before baking them. She claims that there are ...
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Are vegetables poisonous if they have roots, are sprouting or are many weeks old?

Can I use sprouting vegetables? Are they poisonous? When cooked, does the sprouting have an effect to foods taste? Can I use my potatoes or carrots if they already has some roots...? How about when ...
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Are Green Potatoes OK?

Sometimes when peeling a potato, I find that areas of it are a bright shade of green. Does this mean that: A) The potato is OK to eat? B) The potato is OK to eat, as long as the green parts are ...
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How can I know whether a potato is too old?

I have many kilograms of potatoes that are turning bad, I don't want to throw them away. The term "turning bad" means that the best-before days on the products vary between 1-4 weeks i.e. they are old ...
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Is it safe to eat the skin of a potato? [duplicate]

Is it safe to eat the skin of a baked or boiled potato, or are there any health or sanitary reasons not to eat it? Contrarily, are there any reasons to eat it, e.g. does the skin contain vitamins or ...
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Is it safe to eat baby-potatoes?

I kept several potatoes in a box dark cool cellar. Now, after 6 months, I am surprised to see that they grew a lot of sprouts, and among them, many "baby potatoes", with radius between 1 and 10 ...
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Will peeling and slicing potatoes prevent them from sprouting further?

I have some potatoes that are starting to sprout. Nothing crazy, but I'm worried about them all sprouting worse before I get the chance to turn them into breakfast. I'm just going to be frying them ...
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My red potatoes seem to have an unusually high amount of eyes. Should I cut them out?

I got a large bag of red potatoes from costco, but it has a lot of eyes and probably 100 dimples all over it. I peeled the first one and extracted the deep eyes and it looks good underneath (no green),...
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