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How to best keep a bunch of coriander fresh? [duplicate]

I bought this bunch of coriander at my local fruit shop. What is the best way to keep it fresh as long as possible? I usually cut off about 1 cm of the stems and then put them into a glass of water, ...
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How to store fresh coriander for future use, outside refrigerator, so that they don't lose their taste? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: How to Store Fresh Herbs I have seen this thread: How to Store Fresh Herbs, but I won't want to use a fridge neither I have any garden. All I have is the plastic bottle.
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How to keep vegetables and herbs fresh for longer? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: How to Store Fresh Herbs How long can I store a food in the pantry, refrigerator, or freezer? Due to my lifestyle it's hard to tell in advance whether I will be cooking ...
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Basil wilting, how to preserve? [duplicate]

I have a hard time keeping basil. When I buy it from a local grocery store, it is perfectly fresh, but when I take it home it withers in a couple of days. I have tried keeping it in fresh water and ...
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Fresh herbs going bad [duplicate]

When I buy fresh herbs from the grocery store they go bad too quickly what can I do to keep them fresher longer? I just bought a vacuum sealer because I thought it would help preserve my food ...
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Does a home produce refrigerator exist?

It seems there are many foods that store best at about 50℉ (10℃) storage temperatures and high humidity levels: herbs, peppers, tomatoes, etc. As it stands, I store tomatoes and some herbs on the ...
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Is it advisable to cook cilantro or mint leaves and store them, instead of blanching them?

The problem: The grocer only agrees to give a large bunch of cilantro (coriander) or mint leaves, and I need it to last a month or more, because I don't use the herbs as frequently. What I've tried ...
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Can I / should I keep spices & dried herbs in the fridge?

Common wisdom regarding spice storage (whether whole or ground) seems to tend towards cool, dark, dry places. However, I'm somewhat limited on kitchen cupboard space, and obviously the various spice ...
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How to keep basil leaves from turning black? [duplicate]

What is the best recommendation to keep fresh basil leaves from turning black after having used some of it?
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Would freezing affect the flavour of mint tea?

I have a recipe that calls for a large pot of strong mint tea. I don't have time to make the recipe these days, but I'd like to make the tea before the spearmint in the garden dies off so I can finish ...
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How to preserve herbal syrup or herbs that will be used to make syrup?

I want to preserve my windowsill herbs before the plants die back, and my idea is to make herbal syrups for lemonades or cocktails. (Possibly even meat sauces.) The method I'll use is a cold, dry ...
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How to store parsley?

Recently, I've bought a bunch of chinese parsley which I've used for garnishing and etc... However after storing it in the fridge for about 3-4 days most of the parsley had turned yellow and I have to ...
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How do I preserve papalo?

I have a lot of papalo in my garden, and want to preserve it. What method should I choose to do this? I want to use it throughout the winter, and maybe some next year. The internet suggests that ...
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Is there a way to freeze herbs without losing freshness?

I often use herbs in daily cooking, e.g. parsley, dill, basil etc. The problem is, I like to eat fresh homemade food yet cleaning and cutting herbs takes a good bit of time for me, I already I spend ...
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Fresh Herb Storage

I am trying to get some fresh herbs (Parsley and Dill for example) to stay fresh for some time. I have tried the water jar method which is just trimming ends of stems and putting the bunch in a jar of ...
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