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Vegan substitutes for eggs in baking [duplicate]

What can I use instead of eggs for baking, ie, I need very close vegan alternatives.
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Substitute of eggs [duplicate]

I am a vegan and love to bake cakes. But every cake recipe requires egg which I don't want to use. So can anybody tell me what should I use in replacement of eggs without affecting the results?
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How can I make better eggless scones? [duplicate]

I made chocolate scones using this recipe, using the milk/cream but leaving out the eggs because I'm vegan. The scones didn't come out soft. What might be the reason? Is there any substitute for the ...
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What replaces egg in vegan sponge cakes? [duplicate]

I already know there are a few vegan egg replacements, such as: Aquafaba Coconut milk One tablespoon of apple puree with 1 tablespoon of dense oil (coconut oil or corn oil I guess) Chickpea flour ...
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What can I substitute for eggs in a pancake recipe?

I'd like to make pancakes. I have all the other ingredients that I'd normally use (flour, canola oil, sugar, salt, and corn starch) in a pancake mix, but I don't have any eggs. Can I substitute milk, ...
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Can you substitute whole eggs for egg whites in baking?

Will using egg whites instead of whole eggs have an effect on the finish product when baking?
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How important are eggs for a muffin recipe?

I have not actually read Michael Ruhlman's Ratio. I know that he describes a basic muffin as 2:2:1:1 of flour, liquid, egg and fat. Prior to discovering Ratio, I only ever thought of a muffin in ...
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Which part of yellow cake batter gives it the yellow cake flavor?

We recently made a cobbler by adding oil, water, and powdered yellow cake mix (from a box) on top of sugary fruit filling and it came of the oven crispy and delicious with that distinctive yellow cake ...
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Eggless Belgian Waffles become unbreakably hard

I am a big admirer of Belgian Waffles and hence have been trying to come up with the perfect recipe to prepare them. However, I cannot use eggs in waffles because majority of my cousins are vegetarian....
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What considerations are there when using powdered or pasteurized eggs in baking cake?

If I am baking cake (from box mix or from scratch) and I don't have any fresh eggs, what must I take into account if I want to use powdered eggs or pasteurized liquid eggs instead? Will this work, and ...
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Protein networks in vegan cakes

I have read that one important role of eggs in cakes is to add proteins that denature with heat and then link together giving the cake structure. Given that proteins are so varied and abundant in ...
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Eggless brownie, cake, dessert recipes [duplicate]

I am looking to find recipes for desserts, specifically brownies and cakes although others are greatly appreciated, that do not contain eggs. Is there a sort of egg substitute that works just as well ...
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