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How to cook in olive oil [duplicate]

There are plenty of recipes regarding how to cook fish, and other foods, in olive oil. This puzzles me because olive oil has a very low smoking point. So I'll burn it if I cook fish at 350 degrees. ...
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Is it a good idea or a waste to fry with olive oil? [duplicate]

A NY Times article says it's a waste: After I’d heated them, none of the olive oils had much olive flavor left. In fact, they didn’t taste much different from the seed oils. But How to Cook ...
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When is a cooking oil not appropriate to substitute for another?

Frequently recipes call for a particular kind of oil for making use of certain characteristics (taste, heat tolerance, health, etc.). It's well known you can substitute cooking oils in most cases (...
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What oils are suitable for Indian cooking (i.e. extended frying duration)?

Indian cooking basically uses oil from the beginning of the process, typically starting with sautéing ginger and garlic, then adding shallots, chillies and onions. So the oil is on the fire for quite ...
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Why should I use olive oil?

So many recipes list olive oil in the ingredients, as the oil to fry things in. What are the benefits or reasons that I should use olive oil over regular generic "cooking oil" and should I always use ...
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How to get rid of raw taste of Extra Virgin Olive oil?

It has been told several times in the past that Olive oil cannot be used for Indian cooking. So, I want to use Olive oil as a spread on bread. The raw Extra Virgin Olive oil tastes like "oil"! Don't ...
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Are there reasons to use olive oil when roasting food at high temperatures?

I see many times chefs choosing olive oil as the fat for cooking recipes that undergo heats of 400f+ (very much above the smoking point of refined olive oil) for 30 minutes, and its virgin olive oil ...
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Oil for pan-frying lamb chop [duplicate]

I'm learning to cook, and would like to pan-fry a lamb chop. I tried it yesterday, using a tempered chop and some EVOO in my medium-high heat stainless steel frying pan. The result was kind-of OK -- ...
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Is this video showing an exception of the common wisdom that you shouldn't cook with EVOO?

I know this question has been discussed here before, such as this question. But I am asking it again to share the video in this blog post. The video shows how you use the extra virgin olive to cook, ...
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Difference between butter and olive oil?

Generally when I cook I use extra virgin olive oil for both meat and vegetables. While watching a cooking show they mentioned using butter instead of oil to grease the pan when they were cooking steak....
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Is it advisable to use the Extra Virgin Olive oil for Indian cooking, and baking? [duplicate]

I use this oil for baking cup cakes, and I add this oil to the whole wheat dough meant for preparing parathas on the gas stove? My mother uses it for frying vegetables on the gas stove. Hence the ...
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