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Started thawing but can't finish cooking meat: Time Sensitive

I took a large pack of ground beef out of the freezer and it has been in the fridge for no more than 10 hours. There are still ice crystals on the meat. I'm on call and turns out I won't have the ...
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Using fridge for slow rise dough with eggs

I have a recipe for low carb bread using yeast, vital wheat gluten, oat fiber, flax meal and 2 eggs. It tasted ok but would it be safe to do a slow 24-48 hour rise in the fridge to develop more ...
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preserving dehydrated foods prepared with citric acid, honey or syrup

Can anyone please confirm for me whether food that has been dehydrated with honey, syrup or citric acid (which I understand has a shorter life span than those made with preservatives which cause ...
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Thawing frozen meat: How long in fridge? [duplicate]

So I had a 4-5 lb chunk of chuck roast sitting in the freezer for a few weeks, it was obviously frozen solid at that point. I wanted to eventually make some roast in the slow cooker but I figured I ...
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USDA or Food Labeling?

I have some bacon I took out of the freezer and put directly into the fridge to use this past weekend. Unfortunately, the weekend came and went without me cooking said bacon. It has been sitting in my ...
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Storing temperature for cooked omelette

Is it okay to store cooked omelette for 1 week? Secondly, at what temperature it should be stored ?
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I have tenderloin for beef Wellington that I'll make in 3 days - how do I store the meat?

Usually when I buy beef, I put it in the fridge, uncovered, for a day before I prepare it. This time however, I bought it 3 days in advance because good quality meat tends to run out around Christmas ...
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How long is raw (unrendered) beef suet is good for in the fridge? [duplicate]

Note that this question is about suet (unrendered kidney fat from cow), not tallow. was never answered before on this site; this question specifically does not say anything about unrendered fats. ...
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Are homemade versions of popular food more liable to spoil?

I tend to make ice cream from frozen bananas and other fruits as flavors and would like to know how much time can I store it. In general, is the homemade version of a popular food item (bread, sauces ...
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Should I absolutely prepare raw chilled vacuum-packed meat immediately after opening?

When you open a pack of raw chilled (not frozen) vacuum-packed meat, should you prepare the whole pack once it's opened? Can you prepare some of it when you open it and prepare the rest later or is ...
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Defrosting: How long should food be kept in refrigerator?

I am trying to defrost some meals by placing them in a refrigerator. The meals are a variation of salmon/halloumi + rice + greens How long should it be placed in the refrigerator? Does it depend on ...
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