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How long does cheese last out of the refrigerator [duplicate]

We went on vacation and while we were gone, the refrigerator in which I stored a GREAT DEAL of cheese (both hard and soft, although unopened) quit working and when we returned home, I found the cheese ...
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Traveling with Cooked Chicken [duplicate]

My family suggested the process of grilling chicken on a thursday, freezing, traveling 8 hours by car (with meat on ice) on Friday, then reheating to serve on Saturday. Is this safe to consume?
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How long can deep fried chicken kebab be stored in freezer not fridge [duplicate]

How long a kabab of following mixture that Tomatoes,onions, lemon and minced chicken be stored in freezer rigth after deep frying it to maintain its taste and free of bacteria
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Banana bread batter in the fridge [duplicate]

I am from South Africa and we are currently having what our main energy supplier is calling loadshedding. Basically various municipalities have their electricity cut at relatively random times to lift ...
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Egg muffin tin cooking [duplicate]

I make egg muffins in a muffin tin, using cubed ham, green pepper, onion etc. plus of course beaten eggs. How long can I keep these in the fridge after they have been baked in the oven. I've tried ...
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Delay time in cooking brined meat [duplicate]

I'm taking my day and a half brined chicken breast out of the brine today. Unfortunately I can't cook them for 2 days since I won't be home. Is it okay to cook brined meat at a later date?
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How long can milk products be frozen before spoiling? [duplicate]

I made a sauce for macaroni and cheese about 6 months ago and froze the excess sauce. It is basically a bechamel sauce with a fair amount of cheese melted in. I realize that if I thaw and re-heat ...
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How long does cooked corn on the cob keep in the fridge? [duplicate]

There's a question here that indicates the cooked corn on the cob should be refrigerated, but doesn't indicate how long it will stay good for. Does it make a difference whether the corn on the cob ...
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When to cook week old moose meat? [duplicate]

I have obtained a large chunk of approximately week old moose meat that has been never stored in a freezer. I'm planning to eat it during the next week or two. I cut it to 8 smaller steak-sized ...
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I had ripe bananas so I peeled them, put them in Rubbermaid cont and in the fridge. Are they still ok to use? [duplicate]

They are darkish in color but not black. Still ok for bread?
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Is ham still good [duplicate]

Whole pre-cooked ham served on Christmas Day. Been meaning to make pea soup with bones but it now Jan. 10. The ham still smells fine, not slimmey. Should I use it?
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What does the USDA mean when it says cooked (meat) is good for a range of days? [duplicate]

For example, it says cooked beef is good for 3-4 days. Does this mean that some cooked beef will not be good after 3 days? Should extra precautions be taken if eating food between 3 and 4 days? If ...
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prepared meals and storage time in fridge before delivering them to clients [duplicate]

my daughter prepares meals for her small catering business. After she prepares them and stores them in plastic containers she stores them in our fridge which is taking up too mush space. They foods ...
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Old frozen ground lamb - safe to eat? [duplicate]

I found some old frozen ground lamb in the back of the freezer. It is vacuum sealed, and was placed in the freezer after a couple days of being fresh. It has been in the freezer for a little over 4 ...
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Is this safe to eat? [duplicate]

I am immunocompromised. Is this safe to eat? Look at its texture. I DON'T KNOW IF IT IS RAW OR COOKED. What it is: 5 organic medium egg yolks + 80g organic cow butter. ...
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