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Can I still eat this fish? [duplicate]

I just found a couple of salmon fillets in my freezer that seem to have been there for about two years. Are they still edible, or should I bin them?
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How long does uncooked meat last when kept in the freezer? [duplicate]

Chicken, beef, or even shrimp? How long can I keep it there before it goes bad?
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Is a whole chicken still safe after 5 days marinating in the fridge? [duplicate]

I marinated a whole chicken and put it in the fridge for 5 days--can I still cook and eat it?
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How long will fresh scallops keep in the refrigerator? [duplicate]

Today I bought one pound of fresh scallops from the seafood counter at the local market, but my dinner plans have changed - I am no longer planning to cook the scallops this evening and I don't ...
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How long will spaghetti and meat sauce last in the refrigerator? [duplicate]

Today, I accidentally forgot that I had brought my lunch in - leftover spaghetti noodles and a meat sauce (sauce from a jar, meat cooked fresh and added to the sauce) that we had last night. They are ...
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Can I still use frozen beef brisket left out at room temperature for 12 hours? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: How long can I store a food in the pantry, refrigerator, or freezer? I left out 2 raw but frozen 6 lbs beef briskets in the sink at 7PM to thaw out because they were rock hard ...
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Refrigerate Cod After Cooking [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Resources for reheatable meals, specifically fish? How long can I store a food in the pantry, refrigerator, or freezer? Is it okay to refrigerate Cod (and other kinds of ...
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How long can a packet of sliced ham be used once opened? [duplicate]

When buying ham slices from supermarket, I get like 10 slices in them. I want to use it for a week. But the packing says when once opened it should be used within 2 days. So it seems like the 8 ...
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How long will roux keep? [duplicate]

I've made roux some time ago. Forgot to put the date on the container. How long will it keep in the fridge? I'll be making a sauce in a day or two...
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is frozen hamburger ok to eat after the sell by date? [duplicate]

I have a pound of hamburger meat that has not been opened yet. The sell by date was on may 23 2013. Is it ok to eat?
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5 Day marinated chicken breast [duplicate]

Bought chicken breast on Sunday and put in marinade. It is now Thursday. Chicken has turned a bit white . . . is it safe to cook and eat at 5 days in marinade?
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How long can pie batter stay in the refrigerator? [duplicate]

If I prepare a mixture for pumpkin pie or sweet potato pie, which has eggs in it, how long is it safe to stay refrigerated before I pour it in a pie shell and bake it?
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How long does coconut curry last in the fridge? [duplicate]

I have three day old green coconut chicken curry in the fridge and am wondering if coconut milk goes bad very quickly. (This is complicated slightly by the power cut we had two days ago for 12 hours. ...
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Soaking potatoes more than 24 hours [duplicate]

Is it okay to soak peeled potatoes in the fridge for more than 24 hours food safety-wise? It's only about 30 hours so far but everything I've read says they are okay up to 24 hours. (I didn't intend ...
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How long can I store Cooked Turkey in Refrig before Freezing? [duplicate]

How long can I store Cooked Turkey in Refrig before Freezing? I bought an Organic Turkey early for Thanksgiving and cooked it. It's been in my Refrig for a week and I'd like to trim and freeze parts ...
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