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Marinating time for St. Louis Ribs [duplicate]

Can you marinate St Louis Ribs for 48 hours? I’m using a Garlic and Soy marinade for Chinese Sticky Ribs. It’s a mostly dry rub (brown sugar, salt, dry mustard, ginger, clove and grainy Dijon mustard)...
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Out of Date refrigerated Cook Meat Vacuumed sealed [duplicate]

If I have a Pre-Cooked Prime Rib in my refrigerator for 80 days that was below 40°F that has never opened up, can I re-cook this product meeting time and temperature and still have a safe product to ...
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Is it safe to eat old ice-cream? [duplicate]

I have an non-opened I ice-cream in the freezer that is older that one it save to eat it?
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Will a premixed sauce made of corn starch, soy sauce, and sugar degrade in quality when stored in a fridge?

I’ve read this canonical question about food safety, so my question is explicitly not about the safety aspect. I was curious if there were quality implications of storage of the sauce, and what the ...
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What does the USDA mean when it says cooked (meat) is good for a range of days? [duplicate]

For example, it says cooked beef is good for 3-4 days. Does this mean that some cooked beef will not be good after 3 days? Should extra precautions be taken if eating food between 3 and 4 days? If ...
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When to throw out a recipe [duplicate]

If I have cooked chicken and need it to used by Sunday, can I make soup with it and the soup have an extended shelf life? Or do I need to throw out the soup on Monday?
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Spices very powdery when cooking

This is a constant problem I have when cooking chicken dishes with low water content. I add my spices and a bit of water so that everything mixes. The problem exists in the end result. When I taste ...
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How long does store bought ranch dressing last once opened and does it need to be refrigerated? [duplicate]

once we open the bottle and reseal with our own bottle would it need to be refrigerated? we are looking to buy in bulk and rebottle the dressing. Thank you
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Cooking rice in bulk and adding to stew for weekday meals [duplicate]

I usually cook a stew of some kind on a Sunday, put it in a container in the fridge, I then eat it for an evening meal during the rest of the week up to Friday or Saturday. Each weekday evening I cook ...
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When do foods with a use-by date really go bad? [duplicate]

UPDATE: All the standard recommendations say you can only store refrigerated raw chicken for 1-2 days, but that seems really conservative, since it's designed for immunocompromised people. Therefore, ...
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How long can the French Toast last? [duplicate]

I often make French toast. Sometimes I have to make myself several servings ahead of time. I was wondering how long I can keep French toast?
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Is this safe to eat? [duplicate]

I am immunocompromised. Is this safe to eat? Look at its texture. I DON'T KNOW IF IT IS RAW OR COOKED. What it is: 5 organic medium egg yolks + 80g organic cow butter. ...
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Food preservation in refrigerator [duplicate]

I am an international student in France and as I live alone, products are put in fridge for later use after being opened. Two months in and I never had a problem with storing food in it but today I ...
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Thawing frozen meat: How long in fridge? [duplicate]

So I had a 4-5 lb chunk of chuck roast sitting in the freezer for a few weeks, it was obviously frozen solid at that point. I wanted to eventually make some roast in the slow cooker but I figured I ...
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Custard Filled Donut [duplicate]

If I purchased a fresh custard filled Boston Cream donut on Saturday and left it at room temperature is it still ok to eat on Monday?
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