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How do you clean and season a cast iron pot? [duplicate]

Unlike a cast iron skillet I'm having a much harder time keeping a pot clean and rust free. I use it mostly for roasts on occasionally some stews, any tips or difference in care between the two?
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What's the best way to season a cast iron skillet?

I just purchased a new cast iron skillet. What's the best way to season it? And if I need to re-season an old pan, is the process any different?
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Nonstick cookware or not?

I am looking to replace my >10 year old Calphalon nonstick cookware. I can see the nonstick surface coming off the pans, and am starting to worry about how much of that is getting into our food. I ...
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Is there any cleaning utensil that is comparable to fingernails?

As you know, sometimes the best scraping tool in the kitchen for cleaning up is your own fingernails. The only thing I know of that compares in terms of effectiveness is metal, but you shouldn't use ...
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How to clean a burnt cast iron pot?

I have this cast iron pot that my friend completely burnt. I was wondering what might be done to save this pot. I realize that this question seems similar to this one but in that one his skillet is ...
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Ways to make my cooking routine more efficient?

I enjoy cooking. In an ideal world, I'd spend some time messing around in the kitchen four or five nights a week. But as it stands, I'm very busy, on a very tight budget, and trying to keep up with my ...
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Advice on use and care of Le Creuset cast iron skillet

Below is a picture of my current cast iron skillet from Le Creuset. As a relative cooking novice, could someone let me know if I have possibly damaged my pan, or if this is normal? I have a Le ...
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Why spend $150 on a skillet

I can buy a 12" non-stick skillet at Safeway for $30. Why would I spend $150-$200 on one? What's the difference?
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Cleaning bacon in new cast iron

I have a new cast iron skillet. It came unseasoned, but I seasoned it using the flaxseed oil method that seems the new (recent?) hotness. When I then cook bacon in it some of the bacon is nailed to ...
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Is it safe to deglace a cast-iron pan?

I've heard that pouring a cold liquid into a very hot cast-iron pan can destroy it (because it's more brittle than a steel pan for instance). Is that true or do most of you deglace in cast-iron pans ...
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Why reoil a cast-iron pan after usage?

I've been recommended to reoil my cast-iron pan by letting it absorb some oil on the remaining heat of the stove before drying it, each time after using it. Is it important to do so, and what ...
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how to clean my enameled cast iron pot I burned soup dry in

A week ago, I left soup simmering in my new Staub cast-iron pot ( for too long, and all the liquid evaporated and what was left burned on the bottom. I'...
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Can deglazing a cast iron skillet remove the seasoning?

I would love to combine two of the best things in cooking, deglazing with a fonds or wine and my cast iron skillet, which I have been seasoning for a couple of months now. My concern is that the ...
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Maintenance and safety of cast iron skillet

I come from Stack Overflow and this it my first post on this branch of Stack Exchange! I write here because I received a small skillet as a gift (I assume its material to be cast iron), and I don't ...
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How do you know that the cast iron seasoning does not leach into your food?

It is well established in the scientific literature that those cooking on stainless steel cookware get a portion of their daily iron intake from the iron in the pan that makes it into the food: ...
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