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Is it safe to eat ice cream that was left in a refrigerator overnight? [duplicate]

A pint of dairy ice cream was accidentally left in the refrigerator overnight. It was then placed back in the freezer. Is there any risk in eating it now?
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Am I able to put uncooked chicken back in my fridge for a day? [duplicate]

I just took my chicken breast out of the packet and cut it up to make schnitzel then realised I had no oil. Is it safe to put it back in my fridge for a day?
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Cooking a 5 pound pork sirloin roast [duplicate]

Put a 5 pound pork sirloin roast in oven at 175 degrees F for two hours. Then turned up oven to 350F for two hours. Is it safe to eat?
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Is stinky tofu safe to eat [duplicate]

How safe is stinky tofu since it does smell like feces? Is there risk of bad prep when making it or coming out of places with questionable food safety practice?
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At what temp does mayo and salad dressings spoil? [duplicate]

My compressor is going out and milk spoils. The repair man says it will take a week to 10 days to get a new one. It is still cool in there but not cold. I just opened a new jar of mayo and some ...
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How long can frozen vegetables be left at room temperature? [duplicate]

I grabbed my (raw) frozen vegetables out of the freezer to bring to work, and realized upon arriving at work that they are still on the counter at home. I am hoping that I can cook them immediately ...
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Food safety of low temperatures like sous vide and slow cooking [duplicate]

While I really like low temperature cooked dishes, I ask myself whether all microorganisms are killed with these methods. I'm worried that not all parasites and bacteria are killed at 60-70°C. Is ...
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If you’re aging your ice cream base, what temperature should it stay at? [duplicate]

I make a custard based ice cream with eggs in it and I heard that aging your base makes the ice cream taste better and gives a creamier texture. Without aging it I normally make my base, warm the ...
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Safety of cooking pork loin for just 1 minute and then refrigerating it? [duplicate]

Here's the situation: I had 2 meals planned for the week: one with ground pork, and one with pork loin. Today I was cooking the meal that was supposed to use the ground pork, but I accidentally put ...
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cooked beef patty at 250F/120C, is it safe to eat? [duplicate]

I'm pretty new to this and I don't have a thermometer, so I decided to cook the beef patties (1/5 a pound each, 6 total) a few minutes on each side in the pan, then 1 hour at 250F in the oven wrapped ...
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What is the minimum internal temperature measured inside meat (not air temperature) for pork ribs to be safe? [duplicate]

I want to experiment to prepare the pork ribs in Weber Kettle charcoal grill on a minimum possible temperature. What is the minimum internal temperature measured inside the meat (not air temperature) ...
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How dangerous is it to refreeze meat that has been thawed?

I've often been told by people that I shouldn't refreeze meat (particularly hamburger meat) once it has been thawed. However, this seems a little silly to me. I can't imagine how meat that hasn't ...
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How do I know if food left at room temperature is still safe to eat?

If I left food out of the refrigerator for some period of time, is it still safe? If I left it out too long, can I salvage it by cooking it more?
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Why is it dangerous to eat meat which has been left out and then cooked?

If cooking meat kills bacteria, and bacteria are responsible for problems with eating meat which has been left out, then why is it dangerous to eat meat which has been left out at room temperature and ...
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How can I keep hot food hot when transporting it?

How can I keep hot food hot when transporting it, e.g. to a friend's house or a potluck? I usually just give up and take cold food, but I'd like to have more options.
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