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Best practices for cooking steaks such as rib-eye at home [duplicate]

I am looking for a best practices advise on cooking steaks such as rib-eye or club steaks at home so they come out similar to those at steakhouses. Oven or Pan? How about the seasoning and cooking ...
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How do you cook a steak like those found in fine steakhouses?

I went to a 5* restaurant once, the steak was unbelievable. You could cut it with a butter knife, it was fat and juicy, pink in the middle, great stuff. When I cook it at home, I seem to just slice ...
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How long do you let a steak from the fridge come up to temperature, and when do you salt it?

Before cooking a steak, you're supposed to let it sit out at room temperature. You're also supposed to salt it. What is the proper timing for these steps? How long do you let the steak come up to ...
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Food is still undercooked on cast iron

I've recently gotten my pre-seasoned cast iron skillet and just tried to sear some meat. 1st attempt was on a rack of lambs and 2nd was on a salmon fillet. I cooked try to fully cook them both on a ...
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Is there any way to sous-vide without a machine

I live in an apartment and have limited space to store kitchen gadgets. I don't really like the idea of having a machine that is dedicated to one specific task. I particularly want to get into using ...
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Cooking steak on the grill

First and foremost, I am a member of a few other Stack Exchange sites, and I haven't been this excited about one for a while. I'm basically a nerd that's trying to get into cooking, and I couldn't be ...
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How can I evenly grill a thin steak on a skillet?

When I fry a thin (1/4") beef steak on a skillet/pan (iron, but not cast iron), I face the following problem: The steak bends, becoming slightly irregular-dome-shaped Because of that, the parts of ...
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How to pan sear a thin steak?

I'm doing something really simple right now, sprinkling pepper over one side of a half-inch thick steak and throwing it in a pan of butter. But by the time it's cooked through (I want medium rare), ...
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Properties of a good steak?

I'm talking about what makes a good piece of meat for a steak. not how to cook it. What type of cut? Thickness? dry aged? to marinate or not? seasoning? I've always been partial to a Ribeye (high ...
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How do I stop my steak from leaking juice?

I panfry the steak by searing on high both sides, then cook it at a low-medium temperature until medium rare. Then I let the steak rest for ~10 minutes before cutting it. During that time a lot of ...
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How to make entrecôte steaks on a grill?

How should a piece of quite fatty entrecôte beef be prepared on a grill? How thick should the steaks be? Which spices should I use? For how long and how hot? (Well the temperature is hard to control ...
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Steak in a pot!

I'm in college so I have limited resources here. I have a pot (medium in size), one that you would boil water in to cook pasta etc. I have 1lb frozen sirloin, water, oil, onions etc. I would like to ...
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How to cook a 2-inch thick steak to medium?

I have a striploin steak that's about 2 inches thick. I'm going to sear it in a hot pan on all sides. And then put it in the oven to cook it. I want it to come out medium to medium-well. How long do ...
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how do you rest your steak after cooking [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: How to rest meat but not let it get too cold? I have been over the last year perfecting the home cooked steak to my liking and have read with interest the questions and ...
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Baking a rib eye in the oven

I saw a video on Facebook the other day...and it was about seasoning a steak...(it didn't say what kind,)..... but I will be using a rib eye. after seasoning it says to bake in the oven until it ...
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