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Frying Schnitzel [duplicate]

When frying schnitzel, is it best to heat up your pan first, then add oil; or add oil cold, then heat ? Also, olive, or veg. oil? Also, heat slowly, or crank up the heat right away ?
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Place oil on cold or hot skillet? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Do you heat the pan first, then add oil? Or put the oil in and heat up with the pan? When sauteing food with oil, how do the following two sequences differ in the final taste ...
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Heating Pan & Oil [duplicate]

Virgin question -- be gentle. Wasn't able to find answer in database. I've seen recipes that say heat pan and then add oil and recipes that say add oil to pan and heat both together. Does it matter?...
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Why do you need to heat the pan before heating the olive oil?

In the Netflix documentary Salt Fat Acid Heat, Samin Nosrat says this when she is making sofrito and she is about to put olive oil into the pan: This is one of those important things that I think ...
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Why does my food turn out poorly using an All-Clad Stainless-Steel Fry Pan?

I have an All-Clad frying pan, the precise one shown below: I made this purchase out of curiosity after reading about the benefits of this professional ...
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Do pan "pores" exist, what are they, and what are their effects?

There are a number of common cooking lore techniques which revolve around the idea of "pores" in the surface of a pan. Two of the ones I've heard most often: (1) When heating a pan where sticking is ...
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Bell peppers become either crunchy or soggy

Why can't I ever cook bell peppers to the right consistency? Particularly in Asian dishes, and I have cut them various ways-- I continue cooking if they seem hard, then they become soggy and/or ...
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Why does oil burn when put into a hot pan?

I was trying to make the scrambled eggs based on the answer found here. I set my stainless-steel pan on the burner and set the burner about halfway between medium and high. After the panned warmed on ...
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Is putting pots on the stove without oil or water damaging the pot?

My mother always told me that I shouldn't put pots on the stove without any content, because otherwise they would get damaged. Is this actually true?
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Non-stick spray substitute

What would be good substitutes for non-stick spray? I've heard butter or vegetable oil. Would something like Crisco work?
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When to heat oil in dutch oven?

I have an enameled cast iron dutch oven. I thought the pamphlet that came with it said not to heat the cast iron dry -- I could be imagining things, though. Part One So, am I supposed to put the ...
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When sautéing vegetables, should I wait for the oil to heat up first?

When sautéing vegetables in oil – for example carrots, should I wait for the oil to heat up and then add the vegetables, or should I put the vegetables in cool oil and then heat everything up? What ...
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