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Standing rib roast and safety standards collision [duplicate]

Some seemingly respectable sources (e.g. this and this) recommend bringing the meat to room temperature for as long as four hours. They then instruct you to slow roast it to the internal temperature ...
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Food safety of low temperatures like sous vide and slow cooking [duplicate]

While I really like low temperature cooked dishes, I ask myself whether all microorganisms are killed with these methods. I'm worried that not all parasites and bacteria are killed at 60-70°C. Is ...
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Can I safely roast a chicken for 4 to 5 hours on a low heat?

Hard pressed office worker and cook here. If I go home at lunchtime and put in a medium sized chicken to roast in the oven can I ensure it's ready to eat when the family get in in the evening? I've ...
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Why isn't it safe to eat raw chicken?

Why is safe to eat some raw or undercooked meats like beef and fish (assuming you're careful), but not chicken? I know that there are bacteria in chicken, but are they in all chicken, or just so many ...
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Can I use my oven for sous-vide

I have an electric oven which has a temperature setting, starting at 50c and goes up in 5 degree increments; [50,55,60,65,...]. It also has a fan to circulate air. (pictured below) Will this be ...
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How (or is) "low & slow" turkey safe?

If I slow-cook a turkey over low, low heat for 12-18 hours, how does it stay "safe" when the turkey has been in the danger zone for a large majority of the cooking time? I've been slow-cooking ...
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Is a partially frozen chicken safe if not immediately cooked at the proper temperature?

I put a partially frozen (inside) chicken in my convection oven, set it to what I thought was 400ºF (200ºC) and left the room with a timer on. An hour later it was discovered the temperature was only ...
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What is a good way for a beginner to start sous vide cooking?

I am just about to start experimenting with Sous Vide cooking. My plan is to start out with some very simple equipment (A PID controller and a kettle) and slowly build up until I have made my custom ...
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Pork roast safe cooking

I put a pork roast in the crock pot and accidentally cooked on warm for 30 minutes before I switched it to high! Is it safe to eat?
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What's happens at temperatures in both the 'pasteurisation' and 'danger' zone?

I am new to cooking and even newer to sous vide cooking. I have been trying to find as much information as I can with regards to cooking steak in the sous vide. One thing I am particularly confused by ...
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