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Homemade double/heavy cream separates after setting in the fridge [duplicate]

Good day. I recently made a homemade double cream using 1.5 cups of whole milk and 150 grams of unsalted butter. I followed most recipes I saw online which started with melting the butter so that it ...
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What are some ways to make whipping cream if I don't have any cream

I have milk evaporated milk, sugar, baking powder, baking soda, cornstarch, condensed milk, lemon juice and some others but I need help
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Is there any way to make single cream to double cream?

Whipping cream is hard to find where I live in India. We have a dairy brand named "Amul" which sells cream of butterfat content of 25% and cannot be whipped! Whipping cream has about 35% fat content ...
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I just made ice cream. Unfortunately, it became gritty in the end result. What is a way to make use out of it?

I just made vanilla ice cream with my ice cream machine. The taste was amazing, however, the texture was sandy and gritty. I made a awful lot, and I do not want to dump the ice cream. How am I going ...
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How to mix cream to increase its fat percentage?

In my area the typical type of cream you can get is the one for whipped cream. It contains a fat percentage of about 35%. Some recipes call for higher fat percentages like 50% and up, so I'd like to ...
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Can I add thick cream to whipping cream to increase fat content and make the whipped cream more stable?

In the UK we have double cream which has about 42% fat and whips up beautifully so that its quite stable and can be piped on top of cupcakes and in between cake layers without being squeezed out by ...
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How to make double cream 48% for tart filling (not for whipping)?

In my country it is impossible to get double cream (48% fat). The highest fat content I can get is 35% whipping cream. I have some recipes which require double cream and I don't want to substitute it ...
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Why won't my butter and milk mix when trying to make cream? [duplicate]

I wanted to make a heavy cream substitute. Here's what I tried: Melted butter and stored it in a cup. The pot I melted it in was not washed. Used the same pot to boil milk. Afterward, the milk ...
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making cream with almond milk and fat

I want to make a replacement for heavy cream. I'm considering almond milk blended with a fat. I have a high powered blender on the way for this purpose (yes, it will blend). Some fats I'm considering:...
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How can I prevent little balls of oil in my ice cream when I'm using milk + butter instead of cream?

So I found a substitute for cream and I used it in ice cream: I put 14 oz of milk and 1/2 cup sugar and 1/3 cup butter and 2 caps vanilla extract heated it to get the water out it made a thicker milk ...
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