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Is it safe to leave cooked poultry at room temperature overnight? [duplicate]

Assuming that I've already cooked the poultry (or eggs) to recommended temperatures - does it need to be refrigerated immediately, or is it safe to eat if it's been left at room temperature overnight?
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Is a jug of milk left out for 12 hours at room temperature safe to drink? [duplicate]

I left milk out in a jug, bought brand new, for twelve hours. Is it still safe to drink?
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How long can fish be left out? [duplicate]

I was defrosting fish and forgot about it. It has been left out for a long time. How long can fish actually be left out before it goes bad?
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uncooked pork left out overnight in original packaging [duplicate]

My kids helped unpack groceries last night and left a bag of uncooked pork chops in the original packaging out overnight. They were still in the shopping bag on the floor of the kitchen. There was ...
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If uncooked rice is soaked for 2 days, is it still safe to eat (after it's cooked)? [duplicate]

I completely forgot I soaked the rice on Monday night. It was completely submerged in water. Left at room temperature. If I cook it now, would it be safe to eat?
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Fully cooked ham left out for 10 hours, is it still safe to eat? [duplicate]

I received a fully cooked 13 pound pit ham from work at 12 noon. It was refrigerated when I got it. I made it home 4 hours later after running errands and it was 38 degrees outside and the ham was in ...
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Frozen pizza kept at room temp (23 C) for 48 hours - safe to use? [duplicate]

I bought a salami pizza and a Hawaii pizza (ham & pineapple) the night before yesterday, but forgot to put them in the freezer. This is the latter, soggy part removed: Normally they should cook ...
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I left fully cooked lasagna out all night [duplicate]

I left fully cooked lasagna out on the counter all night. My house is 72 degrees Fahrenheit (22 degrees Celsius). Is it safe to reheat and eat?
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Can I still eat my bean sprouts that I left unrefrigerated? [duplicate]

I forgot a grocery bag in my trunk, and didn't realize it until 24 hours later. I had bean sprouts in the bag, and it says to keep refrigerated. Are they safe to eat? I am not sure what happens to ...
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How long do unrefrigerated opened canned peppers last? [duplicate]

I received a couple homemade cans of banana peppers that were canned with a jalapeno in each for some extra heat. I absolutely love the taste of them, but I am curious how long they can last once ...
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Cooked pork left out overnight [duplicate]

I left cooked pork out overnight. Will this present a danger? Since this morning when we realized it was out still, we have been refrigerating it ever since. Also we wonder if when reheating the meat ...
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Vacuum sealed ham left out for 9 hours, is it still safe to eat? [duplicate]

I accidentally left a vacuum sealed ham steak out on the counter for 9 hours. If I reheat it is it still safe to eat?
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Sealed Philadelphia cream cheese left out overnight, is it still safe to eat? [duplicate]

Bought it a the groceries store, and forgot it in the groceries bag. So it was left at room temperature, in the original sealed container for around 12 hours. Given that cheese should usually be ...
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Bacon in sealed package, 4 days at room temp [duplicate]

I bought 4 packages of vacuum packed bacon 4 days ago, left them on the counter at room temperature by mistake. I opened them tonight, they smelled fine, color was good, bacon was not slimy. I cooked ...
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Is it safe to cook pork chops that thawed on counter overnight? [duplicate]

Is it safe to cook pork that thawed on the counter overnight?
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