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How does rub or marinade actually seep into meat?

This morning I began crockpotting my first (ever) pork butt in an attempt to make pulled pork. In preparation of this, two days ago I smeared the meat with a spice rub and put it in a large sealed bag ...
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Can you brine frozen meat?

I want to brine a frozen chicken but I'm unsure if there is any reason why brining frozen meat is bad? Can you brine frozen meat, or do you first have to defrost it before you can brine it, or does ...
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Seasoning, freezing, thawing and then deep frying chicken

I plan to season chicken parts (wings, legs), then freeze, then thaw them out to batter them, and then deep fry them. Will they keep their flavor? Is it safe to do this?
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How would I add heat to a brine?

I am interested in making roast chicken with a bit of a kick. I'm thinking about adding heat to the brine, but I'm not sure what the best way of doing that would be. How would brine work with hot ...
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Fajitas: Marinade Vegetables With Chicken

My local grocery store prepares a chicken fajita blend that has the chicken, marinade, onions, and peppers all mixed together. It's simply for convenience. Buy x amount of the mixture, go home, ...
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Chicken didn't retain flavour from marinade

Last night I made some lovely chicken. However the flavour from the marinade was lacking and spotty. Some parts of the chicken (drumsticks) were quite flavourful, while in others the flavour was more ...
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The name or chemical compound responsible for a specific quality of some spices (numbness)

I'm putting together the results of a kitchen experiment and I'd like to be able to identify a phenomenon that I've noticed when using certain spices. I've felt it in some of what are often called "...
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Do other ingredients in brines penetrate the meat?

I always thought, that only salt is able to penetrate deep into the meat. However, there are many brine recipes, calling for additional falvors to be added. How can they penetrate the meat, if only ...
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What is the optimal way to remove salt from cooked meat?

I want to remove salt from marinated chicken thighs. What would be the most effective way to do this "reverse brining", if flavour does not matter? I have seen these two questions: How ...
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Does whole milk or soy milk spoil faster? Why?

I'm doing a science fair project and I need some help. My question is does whole milk or soy milk spoil faster? Does anyone know which one spoils faster or if they spoil at the same rate? Please ...
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How much and what seasoning to should I use in a turkey brine?

Brining at its basic level is about opening the cell structure of the meat with salt and allowing osmotic action to take effect and allow the meat to become a bit juicier and bring a salty flavor to ...
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Getting seasoning into a roast

I'm getting into braising a lot of pork and beef roasts. Standard routine: pick cuts with more connective tissue, sear on all sides, then into the oven with seasonings, herbs, veggies, and liquid (I ...
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Wet Brining Chicken with aromatics, does it work? Will pressure cooking be more effective?

I read up that wet brining is not very effective to infuse aromatics (such as garlic, tumeric, cumin, galanggal, etc) into the chicken as nothing penetrate deep into chicken other than salt. Is there ...
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