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Oxidized Avocado: What's Going on & How to Prevent It [duplicate]

So what exactly happens to the flavor of avocados when it oxidizes? I made some guacamole and as many are familiar, it forms that yucky garbage-green color. Now, it tastes different. I'm not sure if ...
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Will avocado stay fresh longer if stored in the refrigerator?

Should I store avocado in the refrigerator or will it make no difference for how long they stay fresh?
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How can I remove the peel and pit of an avocado without the whole thing turning into mush?

Making solid pieces out of a ripe avocado is a difficult business (for me, anyway). What is the best way to remove the peel and pit without ending up with a pile of green mush? I can sometimes remove ...
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Are limes and lime juice more acidic than lemons and lemon juice?

I attended a business meeting in the Midwest and one of our clients took our management team and a few other business partners to dinner at an awesome Mexican restaurant. When the appetizers were ...
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Trick to keeping guacamole from turning brown

Is there anything you can add to a guacamole recipe to prevent it from going brown so quickly? Or a specific way to package it for very short-term storage (usually only about two days). I tend to ...
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Rescuing a CUT but unripe avocado

I've seen this Q&A What can I do to help my avocados ripen? And this one Will avocado stay fresh longer if stored in the refrigerator? and this one What can I do to help my avocados ripen? ...
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Can you pickle avocados?

I wanted to see if anyone has tried to pickle avocados? Mostly I am interested to use only vinegar, and/or salt.
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How do I know when my avocado has gone bad, and how can I keep it fresh?

I am a big fan of avocados but I usually don't eat a full one in one sitting. I usually cut them in half, leave the pit in the side I don't eat, and use the other half. In a day or two, when I come ...
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Does an avocado seed help guacamole stay green?

My friend was telling me about a habit in the Spanish culture (I'm not sure if it's done elsewhere as well) of leaving the avocado seed inside when making guacamole. The claim is that if you leave the ...
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How to avoid avocado in sushi rolls from darkening?

We are making some avocado rolls and want to put them in the fridge for eating tomorrow. We will of course wrap them very well but how to avoid the avocado turning black or darkening?
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Can I prevent hot pepper sauce losing heat?

I regularly make a few different condiments with hot peppers: Pico de Gallo (tomato, onion, jalapeño, cilantro, lime, salt) Pepper Sauce consisting of habanero, garlic, lime, culantro, salt Variation ...
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Is it possible to make guacamole without acid?

All guacamole recipes call for lime juice, some tomato variant, even hot sauce. I want to make a low-acid guacamole. Is the acid necessary? How do I go about making low-acid guacamole? If it plays a ...
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How do I tone down onion sharpness already in the chicken salad?

How do I tone down onion sharpness already in the chicken salad? It asked for red onion, which I didn't have so I used the only thing I had, shallot. I used far less than indicated. I have already ...
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How can I preserve avocados longer?

Avocados are tricky beasts. If you get them while the peel's still green, they're hard as stones. When they ripen, the skin goes brown and the flesh softens, but when this happens you have to eat ...
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Does whole milk or soy milk spoil faster? Why?

I'm doing a science fair project and I need some help. My question is does whole milk or soy milk spoil faster? Does anyone know which one spoils faster or if they spoil at the same rate? Please ...
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