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Do bread bins really keep homemade breads fresh? [duplicate]

I usually keep my homemade breads for a day or two in a ziplock bag. I recently felt like buying a good-looking bread box/tin to not use plastic bags that often (I keep the bags for as long as ...
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Is there anything I can add to homemade bread to preserve it?

I love making our own bread - we rarely buy shop bought, but it tends to go off very quickly. Part of the appeal is that it doesn't have any "junk" in it - artificial preservatives - which I'm sure ...
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What's the purpose of a bread box?

For some reason I always thought bread boxes were supposed to be wood, and that some property of wood helped keep bread fresh. Like a cigar box, perhaps. But after looking for a bread box, I see ...
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Why does my home-made bread go mouldy?

I've been using a Panasonic bread-maker for about 20 years; in fact, I'm on my second machine. I use stone-ground wholemeal flours from different mills and, as I can't easily find Stone-ground Strong ...
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Bread preservation

Every time I make bread and put it in a ziplock or plastic wrap it goes moldy in 3-4 days. Does anyone know what I can put in it to make it last as long as store bought bread?
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Where and how do I keep the extra buttermilk biscuits?

I wrapped some buttermilk biscuits in a kitchen towel and kept them in the pantry (they were baked two days ago) but now they dried out and turned to some teeth-breaking biscuits! Where and how should ...
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Effects of elevated storage temperature on bread quality

It's pretty well-known and scientifically established that rather cool temperatures are bad for bread: putting your bread in the refrigerator will tend to dry it out and accelerate chemical reactions ...
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Breadmaker bread not remaining fresh long enough

I have an issue with the bread we make in our bread maker. My wife claims it is not fresh enough to eat if it is more than 1 day old; however, she will eat shop brought bread that is 2 days old. This ...
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Why does storing bread in a plastic (grocery) bag keep it fresh longer?

I accidentally stumbled upon this 'trick' a week ago when I forgot about a baguette that I bought for a party and never used. It was half-covered (loosely) by a plastic grocery bag. When I took it out ...
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Why are my doughnuts raw in the middle?

I recently began making doughnuts. I did a few experiments. The first time I followed the recipe exactly and they came out perfectly. Large, airy, and soft. But on day 2 they were too dry and lost ...
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delaying moldy bread

I always keep bread around, home-made or otherwise. Is there a way to keep it from molding, or at least delay the process? I've tried the fridge with some success (extra day or two), but I don't ...
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Which bread keeps the longest?

I want to buy the type of bread which last longest. It should be toastable, so no zwieback and other dry types. Which is the best bread for this purpose? Is the standard toast slices or loaf of bread ...
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Bread going stale in enamel breadbasket

I store my bread in an enamel breadbasket like this one (different decor, though). In the bottom of the basket, there are some small holes, I think to let the air circulate. But bread stored in this ...
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How do you prolong buns/rolls/scone/crumpet softness?

I thought this community is appropriate for this question so I want to know how to keep buns/rolls/scone/crumpet softness longer. In English I see several translations for subject but I feel this ...
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