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What do I need to clean off before I season this cast iron? [duplicate]

Here's my cast iron frying pan. I had seasoned it before but wasn't sure if I'd got it right so I figured I'd start again. I'm not clear on what state it needs to be in before I do that. I sanded a ...
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Should I use or avoid flaxseed oil when seasoning cast iron pan? [duplicate]

There is quite some contrary information out there on using flaxseed oil to season cast iron equipment. Some examples from the Seasoned Advice website: This answer (67 upvotes; posted 10 years ago) ...
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Maintaining sizzler plate [duplicate]

i purchased sizzler plate last month. I am using it once or twice in a week. However it is getting lots of rust on it. within 5 minutes of washing plate, it turns back to rust one. I am using lemon ...
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Seasoning Cast Iron Pan but without Using Bacon or Lard [duplicate]

I just purchaced a new cast iron pan, it is my first. I was wondering if there is a way to seaon it but without using bacon (I do not eat bacon for the same reasons Jules, in Pulp Fiction, does not ...
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first time season a wok - did I mess up? [duplicate]

So I bought my first wok, I was trying to season it at my parents house because I have electric stove at home. I guess I messed up it, for some reason it took longer than I expected (like 1.5 hours). ...
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How do you clean a seasoned cast iron skillet?

I have a seasoned cast iron skillet, and I don't want to mess up the seasoning when I'm cleaning it. What do I use and what don't I use to get it back to clean? I've heard not to use soap and to ...
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How to stop my cupcakes from sticking to their cupcake wrappers?

I have found that every time I make cupcakes (or muffins, cornbread & hot dog muffins, etc) that the paper liner sticks to the finished cupcake. I know its not me because the Tim Hortons 'muffins' ...
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What oil is best for seasoning a cast-iron skillet

I just cleaned up a rusty cast-iron skillet and I would like to season it. The thing is that I don't have lard handy and I'm wondering whether any of my other oils and fats would do. I have: canola, ...
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How do I fix improperly seasoned cast iron pans?

I'm quite new to cooking as a whole. A few months back I bought a set of VonShef cast iron pans. When seasoning them, I unfortunately made two errors. First, in my naïveté, I used vegetable oil as ...
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Stripping seasoning from cast iron

After reading this article, I want to try to re-season a skillet with flaxseed oil; I'm fairly certain I did a terrible job when I seasoned the skillet several years ago. Is it possible to do this ...
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What is the purpose of using potato peels for seasoning a cast iron pan?

My first ever cast iron pan just arrived. The package contains following seasoning directions. Wash with clothes detergent (not soap or dish detergent) to remove the rust protection coating. ...
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Ways to make my cooking routine more efficient?

I enjoy cooking. In an ideal world, I'd spend some time messing around in the kitchen four or five nights a week. But as it stands, I'm very busy, on a very tight budget, and trying to keep up with my ...
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How do I recover from overheating my cast-iron skillet?

This morning, as with many, I let my skillet dry by leaving it on the burner. Unfortunately, my attention was drawn away and I forgot to take it off the burner! Of course, the moment I noticed, I ...
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Is it safe to start using seasoned cast iron grill/griddle after 7 years?

A friend's been sick and had not been using his cast iron grill/griddle for approximately 8 years. He decided to give them to me. The grill/griddle was seasoned (with oil) 8 years ago, but the oil on ...
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How do I fix a cast iron pot that was heated empty for hours?

I left my cast iron pot on the gas stove, on high flame, and then forgot about it for 3 hours. It was empty and I was drying it before I oiled it to store it. After I discovered it and let it cool, I ...
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