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How can I calculate the affect of cooking my food on its nutrition [duplicate]

If I look on for the nutrition value of raw lentils (as an example), it tells me the protein value per 1 cup is 50g. However, 1 cup of boiled lentils is good for 18g of protein! ...
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How can I calculate the nutritional value of something homemade? [duplicate]

Does the baking/cooking process change the nutritional value of food? I don't know the science behind that. I want to calculate more than just calories -fat, carbs, sugars, protein, etc... Is it ...
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Does cooking change the calorie content of food? [duplicate]

If I look up the nutritional information of my raw ingredients to a recipe, will the calorie content of the cooked combination simply be the sum or do chemical reactions during cooking change this ...
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How can 100% peanut butter have more protein than 100% peanuts

I am looking at: 100% peanut butter (no added salt, sugar, oils or anything else) 100% roasted peanuts (no added salt, sugar, oils or anything else) When looking thought different sources, I can ...
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How do I calculate the nutritional values of a recipe?

I love to cook and experiment with recipes. While I'm aware that calories are not a perfect measure of what makes you gain weight and what doesn't, I would still love to have a rough idea of the ...
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Calories pre-cooked vs cooked

When I look for the calorie count of ground beef, for example, I see 480 for 8oz 85% lean ground beef. Fair enough. But this site shows 34g of fat, precisely 15% of the 8oz I started with. Seeing how ...
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Can I find out the caloric content of bread by dehydrating it?

If I microwave a piece of bread until all the water is evaporated and then weigh what is left, is the caloric content estimated by finding the calories in the same weight of flour?
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How do companies find out how many calories are in their food?

In the United States, virtually every food that I buy from a grocery store has Nutrition Facts on it that contain the calorie count on it. For instance, the label on a granola bar might say that it ...
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Recipes - Adding up calories and nutritional info?

When cooking, a recipe has a list of ingredients. If I wanted to find the calories in the recipe would I just add up the calories of every ingredient? Same situation with carbs, protein fat ? Or does ...
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Calculating the effect of a marinade on nutrition [duplicate]

While watching a collection of olive oil based chicken marinade recipes I was wondering if there is an effective way of calculating the effect that a marinade might have on the nutritional value of ...
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Food tracking and nutrient differences in "as packaged" vs "as prepared" meal kits

Quick Summary I'm logging what I eat and gamifying it to some degree. Why do carbs and protein in "as prepared" meal kits consistently get reduced from "as packaged" in the ...
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