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Applesauce as a substitution [duplicate]

When a recipe calls for sugar and oil or butter which one can applesauce be substituted for and what is the ratio?
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Butter substitute for 1 cup of butter for baking

What can I substitute for 1 cup of butter in baking recipes (e.g. cookies, muffins, cakes, etc.)? I'm looking for something that has less saturated fat (and also doesn't have trans fat). Update: ...
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What can be used as an alternative for Applesauce?

This banana bread recipe calls for applesauce and it's not something that's available at the stores here. Will it be okay if I just leave it out or can I use any other common ingredient to replicate ...
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How can I make granola that clumps?

I am trying to make granola that holds together in small clumps. I have had limited success. Any hints or suggestions? I have used rolled oats, but had better luck with instant or cut oats along ...
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Adding melted butter to cold milk in baking

I've seen a lot of recipes, particularly for things like quick breads, that call for combining melted butter with milk and eggs before mixing with dry ingredients. Of course, if the milk and eggs are ...
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Can oil be replaced with yoghurt in a cake recipe?

A cake recipe is asking for "one cup" oil!! I don't want to eat so much "oil", can I replace it with yoghurt or something else?
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Can I replace eggs, oil and water with apple sauce or just eggs?

So I am wanting to make chocolate zucchini bread and I plan on buying muffin mix from the store. I generally use apple sauce to replace eggs but I know the muffin mix also asks for water and oil. Do I ...
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Substitute for vegetable oil in brownies

I'm cooking brownies; I have put everything together, and then find out I have no vegetable oil. What can I use to substitute for it?
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What is the role of oil in gluten free baking? (Can I substitute applesauce for oil in gluten free recipes?)

I recently read this question: Why can applesauce be used in place of oil? And the accepted answer says: "In baking, the role of oil is to coat the flour, preventing it from combining with the water (...
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Using pectin as a fat replacement

I make pectin stock from apples for use in jams and jellies, and I have lots of it. I would like to try using this stock as a fat substitute in baking, similar to replacing some of the fat in recipes ...
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Advice for adding pumpkin to pancakes?

free pancake recipe (see below) that requires applesauce and would like to know how I could best incorporate canned pumpkin, to make some really yummy pancakes for the holidays. Can I just replace the ...
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