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Oil for pan-frying lamb chop [duplicate]

I'm learning to cook, and would like to pan-fry a lamb chop. I tried it yesterday, using a tempered chop and some EVOO in my medium-high heat stainless steel frying pan. The result was kind-of OK -- ...
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Which oil is best for Zeppole? [duplicate]

Which oil is best for frying Italian doughnuts?
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When is a cooking oil not appropriate to substitute for another?

Frequently recipes call for a particular kind of oil for making use of certain characteristics (taste, heat tolerance, health, etc.). It's well known you can substitute cooking oils in most cases (...
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What oils are "required" for a decent home kitchen?

What different varieties of oil are really needed in a decent home kitchen? I ask because I've only two right now (olive & sunflower) that I try to use "correctly" but sometimes use ...
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Why should I use olive oil?

So many recipes list olive oil in the ingredients, as the oil to fry things in. What are the benefits or reasons that I should use olive oil over regular generic "cooking oil" and should I always use ...
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What is the difference between normal oils and cooking oils?

I am not proficient in cooking but I have one question which I am not able to figure out. I have read on internet some oils should be used for dressing, other for cooking. But to me, they all look ...
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What is the best oil to use when cooking in a wok? [duplicate]

I like cooking a lot of stir-fry which I generally cook in a wok at high temperature. I generally use vegetable oil but I've also heard peanut oil is better for wok cooking because of it's high ...
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Can I use extra virgin olive oil for cooking steak?

According to this: What oil or fat to use for different purposes? For general pan cooking: olive oil (any kind), butter.. I see video from youtube such as How to Cook Steak by Jamie Oliver, he also ...
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Add spice then oil, or oil then spice?

When I'm cooking chicken, steak or fish, I normally sprinkle on the spices first and then add the oil. Is this the right order, or would it be better to add the oil and then the spices? Also, does it ...
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Substitutions for vegetable oil in cornbread

I am out of vegetable oil and need to make cornbread. I think you can substitute peanut oil but want to make sure (only need 1/4 cup). I think you can also use olive oil but I only have extra virgin ...
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Can I use boiled potatoes in Spanish omelette?

I have some leftover microwaved potatoes. Can I use these potatoes in Spanish omelette? Also, I read that tomatoes are not part of "authentic" Spanish omelette. Is that true?
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Is it best to just cook with the oil that has the highest smoking point?

I was recently at my locals farmers market and someone was handing out samples (cooked) of what they were selling. The guy cooking said to never use olive oil and use grapeseed oil instead because ...
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Olive oil, Canola oil, or almond oil [duplicate]

Which kind of oil is best to fry steak in a cast-iron skillet with?? Olive, Canola, almond ?? I'm looking for the best taste profile also. Thanks.
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