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How long can I keep eggs past the sell by date and still eat them? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: How long can I keep eggs in the refrigerator? I've got some eggs in a carton (regular Grade A eggs) in the refrigerator. The "sell by" date on them is October 2nd. Today is ...
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Should I refrigerate eggs?

I've read a lot of conflicting advice on whether it's advisable to store eggs in the refrigerator. The case against seems twofold: (1) that eggshells are porous, and eggs can take on unwelcome ...
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How long can eggs be unrefrigerated before becoming unsafe to eat?

A friend of mine accidentally left a carton of eggs on her counter, unrefrigerated, for three days. The eggs had been previously refrigerated both at the store and at home. Now she's planning to do ...
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Can I make pickled eggs that don't require refrigeration?

This time of year I have a ton of extra eggs. In the winter I have fewer. I have, therefore, been experimenting with egg preservation techniques. I like pickled eggs a lot. They aren't very versatile ...
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What is the danger of salmonella in 'home laid eggs' and how should I clean them?

I have a question additional to this question How does salmonella get into eggs. This tells me that salmonella is mostly found on the shell of an egg. However, eggs are treated (typically washed) such ...
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Egg safety. When to eat and when to not eat

I have a question about eggs and when it is safe to eat them. I've read online that there are 2 ways to test if an egg is safe to eat or not (without cracking it open): Float test: Get a massive ...
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How long can refrigerated eggs last past their date?

I have a set of eggs that expired last week, would they still be okay to cook with? Generally in the USA, can refrigerated eggs be used past their expiration date?
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Why do eggs have expiry dates?

And what will happen if I eat them after they're past the expiry date?
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Can old eggs affect my Creme Brulee?

I have about a dozen eggs which are very near the expiration date and about half a dozen week or so old eggs. Now I thought I could either take advantage and whip up a Creme Brulee. My question is, ...
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What does the date on eggs mean if it does not say sell by or expires by in the United States?

I have several cartons of eggs that have a date stamp but the date stamp does not say, sell by, expires by or best by. It's just a date. By the way the date is in the future so I know it is not a pack ...
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How long to keep duck eggs

Came home from offshore an still have duck eggs in fridge there dated 28 march 2018 is it ok to eat them now?
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How to interpret the date on these eggs?

My organic eggs have a date of June 24 on them; today is June 28. Can I still cook them? (I am not used to purchasing organic eggs.)
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