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Why is my homemade bread molding after 2 days? [duplicate]

I sell bread at farmers markets. It gets moldy very fast. How can I get them to last longer?
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Do bread bins really keep homemade breads fresh? [duplicate]

I usually keep my homemade breads for a day or two in a ziplock bag. I recently felt like buying a good-looking bread box/tin to not use plastic bags that often (I keep the bags for as long as ...
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Make artisan bread last longer than 3-4 days (besides freezing) [duplicate]

I make simple artisan bread (1 cup water, 2 cups flour, 1.5 tsp yeast, 1.5 tsp salt). It usually starts to look like mold spot start growing in about 4 - 5 days. Is there anything that could be added ...
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What are the pros and cons of storing bread in various locations?

Why should/shouldn't I store my bread in the fridge/freezer/breadbox/plastic bag/etc?
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What's the purpose of a bread box?

For some reason I always thought bread boxes were supposed to be wood, and that some property of wood helped keep bread fresh. Like a cigar box, perhaps. But after looking for a bread box, I see ...
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Why does my home-made bread go mouldy?

I've been using a Panasonic bread-maker for about 20 years; in fact, I'm on my second machine. I use stone-ground wholemeal flours from different mills and, as I can't easily find Stone-ground Strong ...
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Why is there vinegar in the bread recipe?

Yesterday I made bread based on a recipe I found on the flour bag. It contained both rye and wheat flour but also three tablespoons of vinegar. I've never seen it used in bread before, why is it there?...
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Bread preservation

Every time I make bread and put it in a ziplock or plastic wrap it goes moldy in 3-4 days. Does anyone know what I can put in it to make it last as long as store bought bread?
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How to make bread mould resistant?

With the bread I bake, they become mouldy within two weeks. With the bread I bought from the supermarket, usually whole wheat, I would have the loaf gradually consumed and by the 6th week, it would ...
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What is a poolish starter?

I asked a question about what I could add to homemade bread to stop it going off so fast and someone suggested trying "a poolish starter". I've never heard of this before, so what is it?
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delaying moldy bread

I always keep bread around, home-made or otherwise. Is there a way to keep it from molding, or at least delay the process? I've tried the fridge with some success (extra day or two), but I don't ...
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What ingredients can I add to no-knead bread to extend its life?

Is there anything I can add to a standard no-knead bread recipe to allow the bread to stay softer for longer? Bread baked the night before, while still edible, is not as pliable the next midday. I ...
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What type of sugar can preserve bread the longest?

I believe that honey preserves bread the longest. Are there any other sugars or sugar-like solutions that can preserve bread from mold longer?
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Home-made Burger buns food safety [closed]

How can I make burger buns that I can keep for a long time? I have tried making some, but fungus starts growing on them after just two days...
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Baking bread with a firm texture that doesn't grow mold

I bake large quantities of bread like 50kg a day. People are complaining that the butter bread, when I slice it, is like a sponge in texture and gets moldy in three days. How can I get a firmer ...
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