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What do American chefs mean by "Red pepper flakes"? [duplicate]

I see the term "Red pepper flakes" used often by American chefs, but to the European mind this term is very confusing. It could mean flaked and dried: Red chilli (e.g. Kashmiri, Birds Eye ...
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Does a GRILL in a UK recipe refer to a BROILER in US? [duplicate]

In a recipe from the UK it says to turn the GRILL to high and place food on baking sheet as close to grill as possible. This sounds like a Broiler in US. Am i correct?
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What type of flour is "wheat flour" in the UK? [duplicate]

I want to replicate an American recipe of Banana Chocolate Chip Muffins. It requires 1 cup of wheat flour. What type of flour would that be in the UK shops?
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Baking flour and sour cream -US /UK terms [duplicate]

What is the UK equivalent of US 'baking flour' and does the term 'sour cream' describe the same product in both countries?
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What is the difference between Grills, Barbecues, Broiling e.t.c.? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Translating cooking terms between US / UK / AU / CA / NZ What is the difference between Grills, Barbecues, Broiling e.t.c.? Note: I plan to post my own answer, but you're ...
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Please clarify confusion between chillies and pepper? [duplicate]

Chili and pepper are not the same thing however people just refer to chilies as peppers interchangeably. As far as I'm aware the difference is that peppers contain pipirine coming from the piper ...
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Schichttorte; a 20 layer German broiled cake [duplicate]

I am making the cake named above, which I found on a British baking site. It call s for 5 1/2 oz of reg flour-sifted, and 2 1/4 oz of sifted corn flour. ? Does anyone know if this recipe in this ...
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Explanation of different egg preparations

When we go to a restaurant for breakfast and order eggs, we are often asked how we want them. I have a handful of ways that I will eat them (I often prefer over-medium) and I am sure there are a ...
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How do you make Yorkshire Puddings rise reliably?

Has anyone got a foolproof method for Yorkshire Puddings? With the recipe I have they never seem to rise properly.
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What can I use for a Crème brûlée if I don't have a blow torch?

I've always wanted to make a Crème brûlée but I don't have a blow torch to burn the top with. Is there anything else I can use to get that nice crunchy caramel on top?
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What is the difference between a prawn and a shrimp?

Are prawns and shrimps the same thing or are they different? Basically, I think they're the same but one of my friends was arguing that they're similar but definitely not the same thing and they ...
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What is ground beef?

I keep hearing about Ground Beef, but I'm from Australia and I've never actually seen it before. Is it the same thing as Minced Beef? Or different? Is Minced beef an acceptible substitute if they're ...
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How can I curate ingredients for my child to do foolproof self-directed sensory play + baking?

My 6 year old child really likes to play "spices" where we put various herbs, spices, flour, and other ingredients into small jars, set those on a baking sheet, and give her a mixing bowl. ...
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Is granulated sugar (American) the same as caster sugar (UK)?

I have an american cake recipe which includes 'granulated sugar', would this be uk caster sugar? It is for the stage when you beat in with the butter?
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What is a Chutney?

Chutney is foreign to my culture and the food i grew up with. Thus, the lack of sophistication and familiarity with chutney. So please forgive my misunderstanding. I often hear the buzzword on food ...
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