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Questions tagged [alcohol]

Alcohol is a class of liquids which includes beer, wine, liquor and spirits, and is used as a flavor enhancer in cooking. Use this tag for questions about selecting, identifying, storing, preparing, replacing or cooking with alcohol as a star ingredient. Questions about dishes which include alcohol, but are not focused on alcohol, should not use this tag.

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7 answers

Cooking away alcohol

When you cook with wine or spirits, when does the alcohol cook away? Obviously high temperatures will do it, but how low of temperatures will work? Also, does it vary by the type of alcohol?
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What is a substitute for red or white wine in a recipe?

If someone cannot or will not use wine for cooking, what would be a good substitute? Question applies to both red and white wine.
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8 votes
3 answers

What are some good substitions for alcohol in cooking?

One of my favorite recipes these days is making a good bananas foster dessert. Everyone I know enjoys it, to some extent, so it's a go-to dessert, for me. One of my concerns, however, is that since ...
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How to reduce the bitterness of tonic water in a non-alcoholic citrus drink?

After having a good fizzy lime drink recently, I decided to try mixing up some non-alcoholic drink options. Being completely ignorant of fizzy waters in general, I decided to go with tonic water to ...
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2 answers

Is there residual alcohol in various vinegars?

How much, if any, alcohol is left when vinegar is made from alcoholic products? Does this differ between different types of vinegar, such as malt, red wine, white wine and spirit vinegars? The context ...
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Is there a substitute for port wine in a dessert risotto?

I am looking for a substitute for port wine in a "dessert risotto" that I would like to make. It's not that I'm worried about the alcohol (I would actually prefer to use the port), I just can't ...
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How long will Sake last in the fridge?

We've had Sake chilling in our fridge for about a year now. It has been opened. Is this still safe to drink or is it time to throw it out?
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3 answers

Why doesn't Bailey's go bad?

I realize it can go bad after a long time, but why does it take so much longer than other dairy products? Does it have to do with the alcohol content? If so, what is the process that is happening?
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3 answers

What happens when you mix whiskey and water?

It is sometimes said that to best experience the flavor and aroma of a good whiskey (or whisky), one ought to add a bit of water. This practice is said to release flavors somehow. Is there any truth ...
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6 answers

does bread have alcohol in it?

According to wikipedia, the byproducts of yeast fermenting (like done in baking it says) are carbon dioxide and alcohol (not necessarily ethanol -- the kind you can get drunk on). If that's the case, ...
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3 answers

Cooking alcohol: how many calories are lost?

Google fails me. I'm curious how many calories are burned away when you cook various kinds of alcohol...wines, liquors, beers (including lite beer).
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10 answers

What's the secret to getting restaurant-quality frozen drinks at home?

A while back I purchased one of the Ninja blenders so my GF and I could make frozen margaritas at home. So far, we have been pretty displeased with the results. Instead of getting a "smoother" ...
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7 votes
3 answers

Soaking fruit in alcohol

I thought that soaking fruit in whiskey would be tasty so last night, I filled a mason jar with pear pieces and filled it up with Jack Daniels. What is the optimal amount of time this should be ...
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Lobster Death! Freezer vs. Alcohol

I love lobster but I must admit I am not very good at cooking it. I want to make this easier on my self by just adding the lobster to a flavorful broth. I've heard in the past that if you are going ...
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What is a non-alcoholic substitute for rum in a glaze?

I want to make an orange cake and its recipe calls for rum in the glaze. Rum, anything alcoholic, rum extract, etc. are not an option for me. Is there a way to substitute with vanilla extract? If so, ...
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1 answer

Alcohol evaporation of beer in a cake

I'd like to bake a Guinness flavored cocoa cake. My direction say to start by beating room temperature butter with brown sugar, then eggs and a mixture of flour, cocoa powder and baking powder. ...
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How to determine the alcohol content of a mixed-drink?

Title says it all: How do I determine the alcohol content of a mixed-drink (Cocktail, Longdrink)? Note - I know the alcohol content of all ingredients.
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What happened to my melted couverture?

I wanted to make mint-chocolate-covered candy. I never worked with couverture, but yesterday it was all I had. I melted the chocolate, cooled it, reheated a bit (tempered), added peppermint extract (...
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What to use instead of white wine in recipes? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: What is a substitute for red or white wine in a recipe? I am Muslim and we do not consume alcohol in any form. I love European cuisine, but many of the recipes call for the ...
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How to make a homemade Phrostie?

OK, warning: this is a little "local." Until earlier this week, anyone in New York City's 5 boroughs could follow @phrosties on Instagram, text the phone number included in the profile, and receive a ...
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Unopened wine bottles kept in fridge. Are they still good?

I have a couple of bottles of wine in my fridge that have never been opened (original packaging) and have been there for ~3 years. Would that mean that the wine have become worse and hence should ...
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Change of volume mixing dry & wet ingredients

4C Water ~ 4 C Sugar ~ 1C instant Coffee[dry] 1QT Vodka Water & dry ingredients mixed-simmered & cooled prior to adding Vodka. Need to know volume as must let sit 30 days in glass vessel &...
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Lemon liqueur has gas?

I tried to make some sort of liqueur with homemade lemonade. I added lemon juice, sugar and a little vodka. I left it for 2 months in a dark and cool place and as soon as I opened it turned out it ...
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