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Will a lye solution damage enameled cookware?

Got some very thick baked on oil inside of a Lodge dutch oven with an enamel lining. Avocado oil, baked on in a 500F oven while making bread. Can I save some time by just filling it up with warm water ...
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What are the (dis-)advantages of cooking vegetables in alkaline water?

Chee Kei 池記 @ CWB – live2makan 蠔油芥蘭 Chinese kale with oyster sauce Chinese kale is also referred to as Hong Kong kailan. The greens are blanched in the same boiling water that they used to blanch the ...
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Can I use washing soda to cook noodles?

I found a recipe for homemade ramen noodles that calls for 'baked baking soda'. Based on some research, baking sodium bicarbonate will convert it to sodium carbonate. Na2CO3 is more basic than NaHCO3 ...
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Is calcium hydroxide an acceptable substitute for sodium hydroxide for making century eggs?

Due to the difficulty in finding food grade sodium hydroxide and safety concerns, I'd like use calcium hydroxide instead. Specifically, some recipes call for a solution of NaOH and NaCl, would Ca(OH)2 ...
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Is there any way to predict/calculate the pH level of a recipe when the level of individual ingredients is known?

Is there some sort of math formula that can be used or is it more complex than that? Is it as simple as just adjusting for the different amounts of ingredients and calculating the average pH? So a ...
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What pH range is suitable for cooking on teflon?

We shouldn't cook acids, alkali and concentrated salts on teflon. But what are exact numbers? Can I put a sour dairy stuff for on it example, like kefir (it's good to put it in pancakes) ? Where is ...
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How to add alkaline to a drink?

I've recently become fascinated by the use of butterfly pea blossoms to add colour to alcoholic drinks. (Yes, I've been watching How To Drink on Youtube). It acts as a natural pH indicator--add lemon ...
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Bagels - Baking Soda or Sugar in the Water?

I'm looking at highly rated bagel recipes. I'm surprised that many (if not most) of the recipes call for sugar in the water the bagels are boiled in instead of baking soda. That has me a bit puzzled. ...
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Safe pH range (acid vs base) for food

One of my molecular cookbooks goes into the use of acidity / alkalinity in cooking. What it doesn't describe is what safe pH values are that you can still serve food at. Note: I am not looking for ...
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Alkaline cooking

I have a (molecular) cooking recipe with instructions on introducing an agent to create an alkaline (base) environment while cooking (to influence the Maillard reaction). What 'normal'/common ...