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I overseasoned my food, what can I do to remove the strong smell?

This happens to all of us - be it because we misread the recipe and threw in a tablespoon of sage when it said a teaspoon of sage, or because we were bravely experimenting with new tastes and suddenly ...
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2 answers

Graphene oxide drying

Suppose you have a food that is naturally liquidy, such as curry. You like the flavor but need it less "wet". The problem with drying it is that the aromas also get lost to an extent. ...
8 votes
3 answers

How does the flavour from aromatics actually get into food?

I've always wondered what the exact mechanism is which allows flavours from aromatics to permeate food. For instance, I bake chicken with sliced lemon, sliced garlic, and parsley (each in hefty ...
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1 answer

Will dried ginger piece be more potent than dried ground ginger of same age and storage?

If you get 2 sets of black peppercorns, leave one set whole and ground the other then leave them both out over time the ground version will loose potency and aroma due to being exposed to air. When ...
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Are there any chilli peppers that give an aroma after cooking?

I cooked some bell peppers in a stew and noticed the end result/stew had a nice aroma to it. I then cooked with sweet pointed peppers and noticed while it did taste sweet, it didn’t really have an ...
2 votes
2 answers

How can i make food have a more desirable smell?

I am cooking a wrap with avocado, chicken and vegetables such as carrots, cucumber, capsicum, red onion etc. However, once I make these, they don't have any smells to it. So I was wondering how do I ...