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Is mold on quartered artichokes bad?

I found some dark mold on a bottle of quartered artichokes in the packing solution, and accidentally ate one before realizing there was a problem with them. Should I be worried?
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Why are the stems left on when cooking an artichoke?

In several YouTube videos on preparing artichokes the cooks recommend leaving the stem on the artichoke while it is boiling. Why is this?
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Chewed artichoke turned blue

I ate some cooked artichoke stems; some of the outermost skin is tough, so I just chewed it and then spit out the inedible bits. I left those bits in a container on my kitchen counter near the sink, ...
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How do I best grill an artichoke? [closed]

I have always boiled artichokes. Lately I've heard people talking about how good grilled artichokes are. There's some variation in recipes: some say to boil, some say to steam; some say to cut in half ...
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What are "fondi di carciofo" called in English?

I would like to know what the English name is for the Italian word fondo di carciofo as I was not able to find it on the Internet. Basically, carciofo means artichoke and fondo means the bottom part (...
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Can almond milk be used as a sauce base?

Last night I tried to make a dipping sauce for boiled artichoke for my wife and I using almond milk as a base. 3/4 cups almond milk garlic clove the lemon juice from half a lemon salt and pepper ...
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How do I pick artichokes for deep frying?

A few years ago I was wandering around the Jewish Quarter in Rome with my sister and spotted Carciofi alla giudia (deep fried artichokes) on a menu. Intrigued, we tried them. Every since I've been ...
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How to remove the fuzzy innards from an artichoke?

What is the best way to remove the fuzzy inner threads from on top of the artichoke heart, without losing too much delicious heart? Is it easiest to cut out the choke (the fuzzy stuff) before or ...
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How long should I steam Artichokes?

I know that it should steam until the leaves pull off easily. But how long does that take?
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Harshuf -- Artichoke Stalks

I come from a Moroccan background where they prepare a dish call 'Harshuf'. The name is from the main ingredient stalks of the artichoke plant. It is cooked with lemon and chicken. Does anyone know ...
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How Long to Bake Frozen Artichoke Hearts?

I'm a novice cook, but was intrigued by Megan McArdle's simple-enough-even-for-me recipe for frozen artichoke hearts: I'm also an enormous fan of frozen artichoke hearts, which when roasted at 500 ...
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I would like to prepare Artichokes as a side dish, any preparation tips? [closed]

I would like to cook artichokes and eat as a Side Dish, since I've never tried to cook them before I wanted to see what recommendations people might have: Boil, Roast..take it apart first, cook them ...
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